Not Do As I Say Do As I Do

Not Do As I Say Do As I Do

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Taxpayer’s Fork Out As Government Keeps On Spending

Victor P Taffa

While the future of 2,300 Tasmanian Public Servants hangs in the balance, the State Government has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in excessive and unnecessary spending, Opposition Leader Will Hodgman said today.

“Information obtained by the Tasmanian Liberals under Right to Information shows that the Government has spent almost $300,000 on taxpayer-funded credit cards, including meals, flights, accommodation, dry-cleaning and even flowers.”

Some of the Costs Include:

  • $150,000 for airfares and accommodation;
  • $26,000 for media monitoring services;
  • $16,000 worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
  • $500 for dry-cleaning;
  • $70 for a hotel movie and internet access;
  • $17.50 for tickets to a fundraising event.

“It is staggering that at a time when the budget is clearly suffering, and many Tasmanians are struggling to put food on the table, this reckless Government is out spending like there is no tomorrow.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“It seems that Labor and the Greens are happy to sacrifice the jobs of teachers, nurses and Police to save money, yet when it comes to finding enough taxpayer funds to pay for their next coffee or lunch, there will always be enough.”

“The simple fact is that after 12 years in power, this Government has become so accustomed to reckless spending and the perks of office that they are prepared to run down the state’s finances to fund their personal costs.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“If the money that this Government has wasted had been put aside to protect the jobs of the state’s teacher, nurses and Police, or put towards the state’s crumbling infrastructure, the state would not be in dire financial position that it is in.”

“The Premier Lara Giddings needs to take control of her Government, put an end to this reckless spending, and ensure that Tasmanian taxpayers are no longer made to pay for the incompetence and inaction of this Government.” Mr. Hodgman said.