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Northern Territory Minister for Tourism and Culture Lauren Moss

Tourism Grants Turbocharging Visitor Experiences And Creating Jobs

Victor P Taffa

Through the Northern Territory Government’s record $103 Million Turbocharging Tourism stimulus package, Territory tourism operators have been provided $3 Million in grants to improve tourism experiences for visitors and boost industry investment.

“Turbocharging Tourism is providing a critical boost to the Territory economy supporting thousands of local businesses and jobs.” Minister for Tourism and Culture Lauren Moss said.

“Work from these grants will give tourists more reasons to visit and stay longer and that means more money into the pockets of Territorians.”

Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool and the VEEP program is assisting businesses make improvements that will lead to all-important positive visitor reviews and perceptions of their offerings.

Round 2 of the program will see 57 tourism operators receive up to $50,000 in grant funding to support improved customer experiences to attract more visitors to the Territory.

Works include upgrading kitchens and ablutions, creation of children’s playgrounds, virtual reality experiences, multi-lingual signage, new bike trails and much more.

One Mile Brewery is one of the local businesses to receive a VEEP grant. Co-founder Bardy Bayram will use his grant to develop an outdoor entertainment area at the brewery.

“VEEP grant means that we’ll be able to create an outside entertainment area to accommodate up to 80 people. Most of the works will be carried out by other local Darwin businesses.” One Mile Brewery Co-Founders Bardy Bayram said.

“We’re throwing in almost $100,000 of our own money at this project but with the VEEP grant we can achieve so much more and improve the quality of our offering.”

VEEP grants have supported 115 Territory businesses in 2018. The program’s total direct investment is $3 Million and this has been matched with additional private investment of $11.6 Million.

Program has stimulated the economy throughout the Northern Territory, creating jobs, getting people here and keeping people here.



VEEP              Visitor Experience Enhancement Program


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