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Northern Territory Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Paul Kirby

Buying Local Seafood Helps Create Territory Jobs

Victor P Taffa

Territorians are encouraged to think local this Easter and enjoy delicious, fresh, locally-caught seafood from local fish markets, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes.

Northern Territory Government and Northern Territory Seafood Council are combining to promote the ‘Support NT Caught’ message, with many restaurants and cafes using the slogan as a selling point on menus.

“Territory has some of the most sustainable and well-managed fisheries in the world, and we are renowned for the quality of our seafood, caught in pristine local waters.” Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Paul Kirby said.

“Commercial fishing ensures there is fresh seafood available for Territorians and is also an important part of our local economy, supporting small businesses and jobs.”

Easter is one of the most popular times to purchase seafood, and Territorians are known for their love of local seafood.

Northern Territory seafood labelling laws are unique in Australia, allowing customers in restaurants and cafes to make an informed decision to buy a local or imported seafood meal.

Available data shows fisheries contributed 19.4 % of the total value of Northern Territory rural industries and fisheries production value.

Total value of fishing production has increased by 13.3 % to $140.8 Million, up from $124.3 Million the previous year. This increase is mainly attributed to the rises in:

  • Northern Territory Prawn Fleet (Northern Territory catch only),
  • Northern Territory wild catch (fish), and aquaculture,
  • Northern Territory crustaceans.

“In the lead up to the Easter long weekend it is certainly hectic for the seafood industry and fishers and retailers work hard to ensure local seafood can be enjoyed by everyone.” Northern Territory Seafood Council chairman Daniel Kimberley said.

“Northern Territory Seafood Council encourages Territorians this Easter to plate up some amazing local seafood as part of their celebrations.”

Northern Territory’s high-quality fresh and tasty seafood products are due to the Northern Territory’s well-managed fisheries, evident with the popularity of the local products.


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