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Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison

Pay Freeze Implemented

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Politicians and Public Sector Executives have now received formal notification of their immediate 3-year pay freeze.

Pay freeze will save $25 Million over 3 years.

It’s one of more than 70 measures being implemented by the Territory Government as part of April’s plan to fix the budget and return to surplus in 2027/28.

While tough decisions like the pay freeze have been made, the plan protects front-line workers like teachers, nurses and Police and will include important reforms to maximise private investment and create local jobs.

“We have a plan to fix the budget so we can keep investing in local jobs. We are doing what we said we would do.” Treasurer Nicole Manison said.

It will ensure Government can continue investing in local jobs, generational change and tackling crime.


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