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Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure Peter Styles


Victor P Taffa

Minister for Infrastructure Peter Styles said the Northern Territory Government was taking a scientific approach to the investigation of flood mitigation at Rapid Creek.


Mr. Styles said a number of trees along Rapid Creek had been marked by the Northern Territory Government as part of a survey to gather information to assist in developing a flood mitigation strategy for Rapid Creek.


“Local residents have been calling for a scientific investigation into Rapid Creek, and that is exactly what we are doing.” Mr. Styles said.


“We are currently collecting data to ensure we have an evidence based policy and this information gathered will then form part of the flood mitigation report which will be available towards the end of the year.”


“Once this report is released, we will hold an extensive community consultation before the plan is finalised.”


Mr. Styles reassured the residents of Rapid Creek that no contracts to remove any trees in this area had been issued, and slammed Labor for its scaremongering.


“We are not going into Rapid Creek and bulldozing trees, this is purely Labor creating a fear campaign.” Mr. Styles said.


“If the Member for Nightcliff had bothered to pick up the phone and ask for the facts, she would understand the marks on the trees are simply there for survey and data collection purposes.”


“The Member for Nightcliff should have asked some questions before inflaming local residents with these untruths.”


Mr. Styles said regular maintenance of Rapid Creek was required to limit flow resistance and flood storage caused by accumulation of silts and debris within the creek.


“Silt and debris build up can result from thick emergent plants, grasses and saplings and can accumulate on fallen timber and vegetation during flood events.” Mr. Styles said.


“We will continue to monitor this beautiful area of Rapid Creek to ensure the best outcome is reached.”


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