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Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure Eva Lawler

Rapid Creek Storm Water Detention Basin Complete

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government has completed the $10 Million construction of a stormwater detention basin and associated drainage, which will reduce the risk and impact of flood events in Rapid Creek.

“Creating jobs is this Government’s number one priority and this project saw more than 280 jobs created in the construction industry.” Minister for Infrastructure Eva Lawler said.

“Significantly this new stormwater detention basin, along with other mitigation measures, will ensure that the impact of flooding on the community is significantly reduced to better protect Territorians and their properties.”

Local company Sitzler was awarded the tender, which has seen a stormwater detention basin completed on the corner of McMillans Road and Henry Wrigley Drive in Marrara.

“Sitzler had to overcome some very significant challenges on the Rapid Creek site to reach completion.” Sitzler Director Michael Sitzler said.

“Success of the project was built on a strong working relationship with the Northern Territory Government and ongoing cooperation from all stakeholders”

Project during the construction phase created more than 280 local jobs, including 8 apprentices and 40 aboriginal employees.

Flooding can occur in the Rapid Creek catchment when heavy rain combined with high tides causes floodwater to back up into the creek and flood low-lying properties.

Detention basin has been designed to temporarily detain stormwater flows from Anula, Moil and parts of Marrara.

Combined with other flood mitigation measures, the new detention basin will significantly reduce the impact of flooding on downstream properties.

Northern Territory Government and Sitzler has worked closely with the NTEPA to ensure there was minimal impact to the environment.

“Our community needed the stormwater detention basin to ensure our properties had more protection this is a great win for Sanderson and many other communities.” Member for Sanderson Kate Worden said.

Native vegetation around the site have been retained as much as possible and the margins of the creek including the riparian areas remain un-impacted by the works.

Basin along with the associated drainage were flood mitigation measures recommended by the Darwin Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee.


NTEPA           Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority


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