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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Urgent Response Needed To End Crime Wave

Victor P Taffa

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, says strong and decisive leadership is needed to tackle the crime wave that’s sweeping the Northern Territory.

Mr. Mills said over the past two weeks there have been four murders, a number of serious assaults, knifings, payback assaults, domestic violence incidents and arson.


“An urgent response to the crime wave is needed particularly the tragic events playing out in Alice Springs.” Mr. Mills said.

“A clear position must be taken that violent crime in any form is unacceptable.”

“In Government, the Country Liberals will make it very clear that violent crime will not be tolerated and that offenders will be jailed.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Country Liberals will toughen the Bail Act to make it more difficult for violent offenders to walk free, introduce mandatory rehabilitation for problem drunks and establish a Night Safe Strategy to protect children.”

“An increased full-time Police presence is required in Alice Springs, but the Government prefers a piecemeal approach rather than permanently beefing up the force.”

“A review of Police resourcing is urgently required a point the Chief Minister made last August but hasn’t followed through on.” Mr. Mills said.

“This is not the time to be ambivalent on crime.”

“It is the primary role of any Government to keep its citizens safe.”

“The Country Liberals have a range of policies that will address lawlessness and violent crime across the Northern Territory.” Mr. Mills said.


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