Northern Territory And Japan Discuss Future Agricultural Cooperation

Northern Territory And Japan Discuss Future Agricultural Cooperation

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Chief Minister Strengthens Agricultural Ties In Japan

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister Michael Gunner today met with Mr. Katsuo Yakura, Parliamentary Vice Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, to discuss future cooperation in agriculture and aquaculture.

Northern Territory Government and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries moved an important step closer to an official Memorandum of Cooperation and to foster closer ties.


Memorandum of Cooperation will promote and progress research and development in agriculture and aquaculture production in the Northern Territory and supply chain logistics into South East Asia.

This aligns with Japan’s Global Food Supply Chain strategy and with the Northern Territory Government’s focus on agriculture and aquaculture developments.

At today’s meeting it was agreed that this work will build mutually beneficial trade and investment linkages into the future between Japan and Australia particularly in soybean, barramundi and asparagus.

“Northern Territory is uniquely positioned to grow and supply premium markets into the future and welcomes Japanese agribusiness and supply chain investment.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“Japan is very serious about the potential for agribusiness in the NT when it comes to asparagus, soya beans and the mighty barramundi.”

“They are very keen also to be part of our summit process and they have very strong ideas about infrastructure investment in the NT that could unlock private sector investment and especially targeting the agribusiness sector.”

While in Tokyo, the Chief Minister also met with the Fuji Oil Seed Company, a major soybean processor in Japan.

The company is interested in discussions between Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Northern Territory Government about potential collaboration for soybean research to determine the commercial viability of new tropical varieties.