North Terrace Tram Extension Begins On 29 July 2018

North Terrace Tram Extension Begins On 29 July 2018

South Australia Minister for Transport Stephan Knoll

North Terrace Tram Extension To Reactivate East End

Victor P Taffa

State Government has announced that passenger services along the North Terrace tram extension will begin on Sunday 29 July.

“It will certainly be very welcome news for South Australians that we now have a date set in stone for passenger services to begin along North Terrace.” Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“We’re in the final stages of this project with driver training to begin this coming Monday 16 July, which will last for 10 days before passenger services commence.”

“Once tram services are up and running it will provide a real boost for the City’s East End, especially for the hospitality and retail businesses.”

“This extension will also play a big role in helping to reactivate the oRAH site as the Marshall Government continues to deliver on its bold vision to transform the site into a job creation, education and cultural precinct.” Minister Knoll said.

“Once we’ve delivered our full vision for the oRAH site there will be thousands of people passing through the site every day who will benefit from these free tram services along North Terrace.”

“This new tram service will help to reactivate the entire East End, also benefiting university students and visitors to the Museum and Art Gallery.”

“I think all South Australians, particularly those with interests in the City’s East End, will be very relieved that this project will finally be completed.” Minister Knoll said.

Very minor works will be undertaken throughout July, such as paving footpaths, asphalt works at the North Terrace and King William Street intersection and other minor finishing works but these won’t affect the commencement of passenger services.


SA North Terrace King William Street Tram Diamond Junction Under Construction

SA Minister for Transport Stephan Knoll










Minister Knoll said that after passenger services commenced the State Government would be commencing a review of this botched Labor project.

“New State Government inherited this problem plagued project from Labor and we, like so many South Australians, have been frustrated by the continual issues that have arisen.” Minister Knoll said.

“Labor threw $10 Million at this project to get passenger services running before the election.”

“When we inherited this project after the March election it was nowhere near finished.”

“We want to know how Labor managed to make $10 Million of taxpayers’ money disappear.” Minister Knoll said.


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