North Shore State By-Election 2017 First Preference Count

North Shore State By-Election 2017 First Preference Count

Polling Day Saturday 8 April 2017

New South Wales Electoral Commission

North Shore Voters Decide

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Electoral Commission has released a First Preference Count of Candidates for the North Shore State By-Election that was held on Saturday 8 April 2017.

8 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Order

Candidate                                      Party/Ind     First Pref. Vote   %Vote

FINE, Harry                                        IND                 1,144                           2.77%

CORRIGAN, Carolyn                         IND                 9,952                           24.08%

MUTTON, Ian                                    IND                 3,381                           8.18%

WILSON, Felicity                              LIB                 17,632                         42.66%

BEAUMONT OWLES, Brian           VEP                959                              2.32%

ALICK, Justin                                    GRN               6,573                           15.90%

LESSING, Ila                                     AJP                 889                              2.15%

NILE, Silvana                                     CDP                797                              1.93%


Two Candidate Preferred (TCP)

Candidate                              Party               TCP Total                  %Vote

New South Wales Electoral Commission is recounting votes to determine which candidates will be TCP.

In a Parliamentary Democracy there is a Government and an Opposition. As such in a Parliamentary Election there is a candidate with the highest number of votes cast and a candidate with the second highest number of votes cast.

Preferential Voting is different to First Past The Post Voting. In an election with First Past The Post Voting there is a Winner and a Candidate with the second highest number of votes cast.


IND                 Independent

LIB                 Liberal

VEP                Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW)

GRN               The Greens

AJP                 Animal Justice Party

CDP                Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)