North Coast Shark Net Trial To End On 13 June 2017

North Coast Shark Net Trial To End On 13 June 2017

New South Wales Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair

North Coast New South Wales (NSW) Net Trial To End In June 2017

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair today announced June 13 as the end date for the 6 month North Coast shark net trial.

Minister Blair said by mid-June the 5 trial nets will have been in the water for 6 months. These include:

  • Lighthouse Beach (Ballina),
  • Sharpes Beach (Ballina),
  • Shelly Beach (Ballina),
  • Seven Mile Beach (Lennox Head),
  • Evans Head Beach.

“Data from the trial will now be analysed by DPI shark scientists to assess the effectiveness of the nets.” Minister Blair said.

“We will also continue to consult with the local community to gauge their views on the outcomes of the trial.”

“When the nets are removed, we will increase the number of SMART drumlines to 35 (currently 25) this will also be the most effective measure as the whale migration period begins on the North Coast.”

Helicopter surveillance will continue to operate on the North Coast every weekend and daily flights will commence during the July school holidays.

Minister Blair said drones will also take to the skies again during the July school holidays to provide further surveillance at popular beaches.

Monthly data shows that more target sharks were caught using SMART drumlines:

North Coast Net Trial 5 month cumulative figures

  • 6 target sharks caught (2 White, 1 Bull, 3 Tiger sharks); 3 deceased, 3 alive.
  • A total of 244 non-target animals were caught in the nets; 117 were released alive (48%) and 127 (52%) were found deceased in the nets.

SMART Drumline 5 month cumulative figures

  • 29 target sharks (24 White, 3 Tiger and 2 Bull sharks); 1 White shark deceased (entangled), all others alive.
  • 2 non-target animals (both Greynurse sharks) were caught and both were released alive.

New South Wales Government will now work with shark scientists, the Commonwealth and the community to determine the future of the nets with a decision expected by early spring.