Nominations Announced For ACT Election 2016

Nominations Announced For ACT Election 2016

Polling Day Saturday 15 October 2016

ACT Electoral Commission

141 Candidates Stand For Election To The ACT Legislative Assembly

Victor P Taffa

141 candidates have been nominated to contest the 15 October Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Legislative Assembly election.

The candidates will be vying for 5 positions in each of the 5 new electorates.


With the close of nominations yesterday, the ACT Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green, publicly declared the nominations and conducted the draw for positions on the ballot paper at midday today.

“This number of candidates is record for an ACT Legislative Assembly election.” ACT Electoral Commissioner Green said.

“The previous highest number of candidates was 117 at the first election in 1989.”

A total of 123 candidates were nominated by registered political parties. Another 18 non-party candidates were nominated by at least 20 electors.

In 2012 there were 74 candidates contesting the 17 positions in the then 3 electorates.

Numbers of candidates for the 5 electorates for the 2016 election are set out below.



Total: 28

Male: 19

Female: 9



Total: 33

Male: 22

Female: 11



Total: 27

Male: 17

Female: 10



Total: 29

Male: 16

Female: 13



Total: 24

Male: 16

Female: 8



Total: 141

Male: 90

Female: 51

Attached for each electorate is a list showing each group of candidates in ballot paper order, with candidates within each group listed in alphabetical order.

Under the ACT’s Robson rotation method of printing ballot papers, the order of the printing of candidates’ names within each column will vary on each ballot paper. Each of the 5-Member electorates is printed in 60 different ways.

The 2016 election is the seventh to be conducted under the Hare Clark proportional representation system which was chosen by ACT electors at a referendum in 1992.