Nominated Candidates Mining And Pastoral Region 11 March 2017 State Election

Nominated Candidates Mining And Pastoral Region 11 March 2017 State Election

Western Australia Electoral Commission

Mining And Pastoral Region March 2017 Decides

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia Electoral Commission has announced candidates who will contest the Mining And Pastoral Region at the 11 March 2017 State Election.

Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Order

Candidate                                       Party Affiliation

PORTER, Anne                                  FLUORIDE FREE WA

BAUER, David                                   FLUORIDE FREE WA

ROGERS, Natasha                             Micro Business Party

PATIL, Pritam                                    Micro Business Party

COLAGIURI, Stefan                         Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

AYLMORE, Shane                            Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

SMITH, Kingsley                               Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

SHANKS, Kai                                     Flux The System!

TAAFFE, Melissa                               Flux The System!

KLAJ, Amanda                                  Daylight Saving Party

DUFFY, Joel Brian                             Daylight Saving Party

FITZGERALD, Paul                          Independent

CUKELA, Nicholas                           Independent

ATAMAN, Atilla                               Independent

STUCKE, Tayla                                  Independent

GOULD, Grahame                             Australian Christians

YOUNG, Jacky                                  Australian Christians

DAWSON, Stephen                           WA Labor

McGINN, Kyle                                   WA Labor

FOSTER, Peter                                   WA Labor

MOUSLEY, Christopher                    WA Labor

RAOUF, Abed                                   Independent

AMESZ, Billy                                     Independent

MATHESON, Sonya                          Julie Matheson for Western Australia

COSTANZO, Paul                              Julie Matheson for Western Australia

SCOTT, Robin David                         Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

KEATING, Justin                               Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

VARLEY, Janine Lee                         Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

CHAPPLE, Robin                              The Greens (WA)

OLIVER, Timothy                             The Greens (WA)

HYDE, Angela                                   Independent

GANDOSSINI, Greg                         Independent

HENRY, Arihia                                  Independent

FRANCIS, Pete                                  Independent

BASTON, Ken                                   Liberal Party

LEWIS, Mark                                     Liberal Party

POUND, Barry                                   Liberal Party

WELLS, Jason                                    Liberal Party

BOYDELL, Jacqui                             THE NATIONALS

GRILLS, Dave                                   THE NATIONALS

BROWN, Gary                                   THE NATIONALS

JANES, Judi                                       THE NATIONALS

HATWELL, Adrian                           THE NATIONALS

FLEETON, Terry                                THE NATIONALS

NEAVES, Jared                                 Liberal Democrats

VASEV, Marko                                  Liberal Democrats

MADER, Keith                                  Independent

NORMINGTON, Royce                    Independent

ROSE, Ian                                          Family First

CUSTERS, Bev                                  Family First

OWEN, Julie                                       Independent

RENTON, Darby                                Independent