Nominated Candidates For South Australia Senate Seats 2019

Nominated Candidates For South Australia Senate Seats 2019

Federal Election Polling Day Saturday 18 May 2019

Australian Electoral Commission

South Australia Voters Have Their Say

Victor P Taffa

Australian Electoral Commission has released duly nominated candidates for South Australia Senate seats at the Federal Election to be held on Saturday 18 May 2019.

Candidates And Groups Listed In Ballot Paper Order

Group                                                 Party or Independent


A                                                         The Great Australian Party

ALDRIDGE, Mark                            

MATTHEWS, Gary                          

B                                                         Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party

MANUEL, Peter                                

DWYER, Tim                                    

C                                                         Centre Alliance


BOSSIE, Craig                                  

D                                                         Australian Democrats

BURROW, Tim                                 

CASTRIQUE, Andrew                     

E                                                         Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

GAME, Jennifer                                 

ILLIES, Emma                                  

F                                                          Citizens Electoral Council

ALLWOOD, Sean                             

SIEBERT, Paul Graham                    

G                                                         Liberal

RUSTON, Anne                                

FAWCETT, David                            

ANTIC, Alex                                     

GICHUHI, Lucy                                

H                                                         Sustainable Australia

DAVIES, Graham                             

COLEMAN, Robyn                          

I                                                           Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

ADAMS, Angela                               

IVERSEN, Matthew                         

J                                                          The Greens

HANSON-YOUNG, Sarah               

SUMNER, Major Moogy                  

ROZITISOLDS, Gwydion                

SETO, Robyn                                    

K                                                         United Australia Party

REES, Kristian                                   

KOVACS, Kerry                               

HOSKIN, Sharon Lee                        

L                                                         Australian Conservatives

LAMBERT, Rikki                             

TEUSNER, Carl                                

M                                                        Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

HAHN, John                                      

KIRK, Wayne Lawrence                   

N                                                         Liberal Democrats

RANSLEY, Kimbra Louise               

HUMBLE, Stephen                           

O                                                         Australian Labor Party

GALLACHER, Alex                         

SMITH, Marielle                                

GORE, Emily                                     

HARRISON, Larissa                         

P                                                          Animal Justice Party

PFEIFFER, Louise                            

DAVEY, Wendy                               


LESIW, Michael                                 Independent

O’DONNELL, Brett                          Independent

COX, Henry                                        Independent