Nominated Candidates For Queensland Senate Seats 2019

Nominated Candidates For Queensland Senate Seats 2019

Federal Election Polling Day Saturday 18 May 2019

Australian Electoral Commission

Queensland Voters Have Their Say

Victor P Taffa

Australian Electoral Commission has released duly nominated candidates for Queensland Senate seats at the Federal Election to be held on Saturday 18 May 2019.

Candidates And Groups Listed In Ballot Paper Order

Group                                                             Party or Independent


A                                                                     Rise Up Australia Party

HEALY, Graham                                           

HENAWAY, Lionel                                      

B                                                                     Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

ROBERTS, Malcolm                                     

DICKSON, Steve                                          

C                                                                     United Australia Party

PALMER, Clive                                            

BREWSTER, Martin David                          

BATZKE, Yodie                                           

D                                                                     Liberal National Party of Queensland

SCARR, Paul                                                 

MCDONALD, Susan                                    

RENNICK, Gerard                                        

MACDONALD, Ian                                     

CAMM, Amanda                                           

TOBIN, Nicole                                              

E                                 Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party

LAHN, Allona                                                           

ROWE, Adam                                               

F                                  Climate Action! Immigration Action! Accountable Politicians!

BULLEN, Kris                                              

STEVENSON, Robyn Lesley                        

G                                                                     Animal Justice Party

KELLY, Karagh-Mae                                    

COUTTS, Leah Marie                                   

HARDY, Belinda                                          

H                                                                     The Greens

WATERS, Larissa                                         

SIDHU, Navdeep Singh                                

KLOOT, Johanna                                           

ELLIS, Raelene                                             

BERTRAM, Miranda                                    

KENNEDY, Kirsten                                      

I                                                                       Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party

ANNING, Fraser                                           

TAYLOR, Paul Arthur Simon                       

ABSOLON, Mark                                         

SANDFORD, Nancy Louise                         

CAMERON, Brad                                         

J                                                                      Australian Labor Party

GREEN, Nita                                                 

KETTER, Chris                                             

GILBERT, Frank                                           

MAJOR, Tania                                               

SCHINNERL, Stacey                                   

WARRY, Christina                                        

K                                                                     Independents For Climate Action Now

LEWIS, Andrew                                            

LOKKERS, Cornel                                        

PEAD, Gary                                                   

L                                                                     Australian Workers Party

BRADLEY, Gregory John                            

WELLSTEAD, Kathleen                               

M                                                                    Australian Better Families

CAULFIELD, Darren                                   

FINCH, Adam                                               

FOX, Rod                                                      

N                                                         Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

JIGGENS, John                                             

JORDAN, Frank                                            

O                                                                     Australian Conservatives

SHELTON, Lyle                                            

LINDGREN, Joanna                                     

HORAN, Kate                                               

P                                                                      Labour DLP

TEMPLE, Lindsay                                         

VINCENT, Sheila Susan                               

Q                                                                     Katter’s Australian Party (KAP)

MARRIOTT, Joy                                           

WALLACE, Gregory John                            

WEBB, Alan                                                  


JOHNSTON, Hetty                                       

MUREAU, Sue                                              

S                                                                      The Great Australian Party

MARTIN, Arjay Rase                                   

MOOHIN, Tania                                            

T                                                                     Pirate Party

SELIC, Brandon                                            

WHITICKER, Miles                                      

U                                                                     Sustainable Australia

MURRAY, Cameron                                     

SIMPSON, Chris                                           

V                                                                     Love Australia or Leave

VUGA, Kim                                                  

WYATT, Gavin Albert                                  

W                                                                    Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

HODGES, Jeff                                              

POPE, Andrew                                              


MOORE, Tony R                                          

MOORE, Cartia                                             

Y                                                                     Liberal Democrats

BUCKLEY, Gabe                                         

RUSSELL, Lloyd T J                                    

Z                                                                      Citizens Electoral Council

PUKALLUS, Jan                                           

HOPE, Danny                                                


LO-DEAN, Debby                                         Independent

SHARPE, Gary Robert                                   Independent

LARCOMBE, Paul                                         Independent

HASLER, Jane                                               Independent

WOODWARD, John                                      Independent

McARTHUR-WILLIAMS, Nicholas             Independent

GHULAM, Hassan                                         Independent

WHARTON, Wayne                                      Independent

MURPHY, Amanda                                       Independent

STEVENSON, Paul Joseph                            The Australian Mental Health Party