Nominated Candidates For New South Wales Senate Seats 2019

Nominated Candidates For New South Wales Senate Seats 2019

Federal Election Polling Day Saturday 18 May 2019

Australian Electoral Commission

New South Wales Voters Have Their Say

Victor P Taffa

Australian Electoral Commission has released duly nominated candidates for New South Wales Senate seats at the Federal Election to be held on Saturday 18 May 2019.

Candidates And Groups Listed In Ballot Paper Order

Group                                                 Party or Independent


A                                                         Rise Up Australia Party

NICHOLS, Maree                             

SHIGROV, Vladimir                         


B                                                         Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

KATELARIS, Andrew                     

BALDERSTONE, Michael               

C                                                         Health Australia Party

KNIGHT, Molly                                

FAIRBAIRN, Jason                          

D                                                         Liberal/National Coalition

HUGHES, Hollie                                Liberal

BRAGG, Andrew                               Liberal

DAVEY, Perin                                    The Nationals

MOLAN, Jim                                      Liberal

FARRAWAY, Sam                            The Nationals

FENELEY, Michael                           Liberal

E                                                         Pirate Party

AUGUST, John                                 

JOYCE, Sara                                      

F                                                          Affordable Housing Party

POTTS, Andrew                                

ZIEBELL, Anthony John                  

G                                                         The Greens

FARUQI, Mehreen                            

JACOBS, Rachael                             

STEER, Louise                                  

CLARK, Philippa                              

CHIA, Roz                                         

ELLSMORE, Sylvie                          

H                                                         Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

COOKE, Brett                                   

BORSAK, Wayne                             

I                                                           Australian People’s Party

GEORGANTIS, Steven                    

TSANGARIS, Susan                         

J                                                          Labor/ Country Labor

SHELDON, Tony                               Labor

AYRES, Tim                                       Labor

LI, Jason Yat-Sen                               Labor

PENGELLY, Simonne                       Labor

CHANDRALA, Aruna                       Labor

SHEAHAN, Charlie                           Country Labor

K                                                         Socialist Alliance

PRICE, Susan                                    

McALEAR, Joel                                

L                                                         The Together Party

SWIVEL, Mark                                 

KINKEAD, Belinda                          

McDOWELL, Kate                           

M                                                        Australian Conservatives

YORK, Sophie                                   

BOSI, Riccardo                                 

N                                                         The Great Australian Party

HOPKINS, Matthew                         

BURGE, Karen                                  

O                                                         Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party

THOMSON, Carolyn                         

YOUNG, Gary                                  

SWANN, Paul                                   

WHARTON, Ian                               

P                                                          Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

NILE, Silvana                                    

WRIGHT, Annie                               

Q                                                         Independents For Climate Action Now

BOWER, Rod                                    

TAIT, Jim                                           

SCHNEIDER, Annette                     

R                                                         Liberal Democrats

SPENDER, Duncan                           

NEVILLE, Codie                              

S                                                          Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

McCULLOCH, Kate                         

REED, Barry                                      

T                                                         The Women’s Party

De VENDRE, Divvi                          

LLOYD, Penelope                             

U                                                         Seniors United Party of Australia

GERANTONIS, Paul                        

DUCKER, Helen                               

V                                                         Socialist Equality Party

PHILLIPS, Richard                           

DAVIS, John                                     

W                                                        Australian Workers Party

PTOLEMY, Mark                              

NGUYEN, Maria                               

X                                                         Australian Better Families

DRURY, Jewell                                 

MOUJALLI, Peter                             

Y                                 Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party

O’NEILL, Michael                            

BURNUM BURNUM, Marelle         

Z                                                          United Australia Party

BURSTON, Brian                              

BERNIER, Christine Pamela             

MOORE, Wayne                               

AA                                                      Democratic Labour Party

HANNA, Daniel John                        

O’BRIEN, Benedict Raymond Thomas

AB                              Climate Action! Immigration Action! Accountable Politicians!

DEBENHAM, Nick                          

FORSYTH, Guy                                

AC                                                      Animal Justice Party

POLLARD, Angela                           

DELLO-IACOVO, Michael Armando

BELLENGER, Carol                         

AD                                                      VOTEFLUX.ORG | Upgrade Democracy!

RUSHTON, Ben                                

COTTERILL, Joanne                        

AE                                                      Science Party

LEONG, Andrea                               

SLAVICH, Eve                                 

FURNESS, Peter                               

PARKER, Greg                                 

AF                                                       Citizens Electoral Council

LAWLER, Ann                                 

BUTLER, Robert                               

AG                                                      Sustainable Australia

BOURKE, William                            

GRZIC, Warren                                 

AH                                                      Australian Democrats

MAILLER, Pete                                

BUCKMAN, Chris                            

AI                                                        The Small Business Party

VITHOULKAS, Angela                   

DOUSKOU, Fiona                            


CARMICHAEL, John William          Independent

HADDAD, Chifley                            Independent

BAKER, Phil                                      Independent

DOYLE, Graeme Barry                      Independent

ROMANOUS, John John                   Independent

FARAJ, Hussein                                 Independent

BARBER, Russell                              Love Australia or Leave

LAZARUS, Sandra                            Independent

WAGNER, Glenn                               Independent

O’BRIEN, David J                             Independent

BELL, Wayne Lyndsay                      Independent

KIRKWOOD, Michael                       Independent

JOHNSTONE, Pamela                       Independent

CROSSMAN, Carolyn J                     Independent


Explanatory Note:

Group D Liberal and National Parties are in a formal coalition with a joint list of candidates