Nominated Candidates Agricultural Region 11 March 2017 State Election

Nominated Candidates Agricultural Region 11 March 2017 State Election

Western Australia Electoral Commission

Agricultural Region March 2017 Decides

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia Electoral Commission has announced candidates who will contest the Agricultural Region at the 11 March 2017 State Election.

Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Order

Candidate                                                 Party Affiliation

WEST, Darren                                                WA Labor

GRAHAM, Laurie                                          WA Labor

MARTIN, Carol                                             WA Labor

CLARKSON, Luke Hunt                              WA Labor

YARRAN, Murray                                         Family First

KNOLL, Leighton                                          Family First

FREER, Lewis                                                Flux The System!

TURNER, Peter                                              Flux The System!

YOUNG, Trevor                                             Australian Christians

HOLTEN, Les                                                 Australian Christians

MAZZA, Rick                                                 Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

STEELE, Bevan                                             Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

KENTISH, Mal                                              Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

ALDRIDGE, Martin                                      THE NATIONALS

DE GRUSSA, Colin                                       THE NATIONALS

BALLARD, Leigh                                         THE NATIONALS

BLOCK, Fred                                                 THE NATIONALS

BLYTH, Steve                                                THE NATIONALS

KENNEDY, David                                        THE NATIONALS

RADFORD, Vince                                         Daylight Saving Party

TUCKER, Robert                                           Daylight Saving Party

JAMES, Ian                                                    The Greens (WA)

COPELAND, Dylan                                      The Greens (WA)

CHOWN, Jim                                                 Liberal Party

MARTIN, Steve                                             Liberal Party

ELLIS, Brian                                                  Liberal Party

WILKINS, Chris                                            Liberal Party

McFARLAND, Alan                                      Liberal Party

REID, Alexander Jonathan                            Independent

McMAHON, Tim                                           Independent

STRAHAN, Phillip                                         FLUORIDE FREE WA

PEARCE, Gillian                                            FLUORIDE FREE WA

JENNINGS, Dennis                                       Micro Business Party

CULUM, Petar                                               Micro Business Party

FLEETON, Murray                                        Independent

AKKARI, Patrick                                           Independent

CADDIES, Rod                                             Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

McKINLEY, Craig                                         Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

McKINLEY, Emma                                       Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

WHITTLE, Connor                                        Liberal Democrats

HATCH, Stuart                                              Liberal Democrats

WILLIAMSON, Brent D                               Independent

PRINZ, Michael                                             Independent

SPADA, N                                                      Independent

DEMIR, S                                                       Independent

REED, David Gary                                        Independent

BUTTO, Lewis Christian                                Independent

SWIFT, Peter                                                  Julie Matheson for Western Australia

ANDERSON, Bruce                                      Julie Matheson for Western Australia

BARRETT-LENNARD, Graham F               Independent

HOUGH, Frank                                              Independent