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Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Labor’s Wind Farm Free-For-All

Victor P Taffa

Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy is concerned that a re-elected Brumby Labor Government will allow wind farms to be built in the most sensitive environments and tourist areas of Victoria.

According to Mr. Guy Labor is yet to explain why it approves wind turbines within two km of homes in country Victoria yet would never allow such a proposal for homes on the edge of Melbourne.

In opposing the Coalition’s new wind farm planning policy Fairness and Certainty, the Brumby Labor Government has declared its hand for a wind farm free-for-all by opposing the Coalition’s plans for no-go areas and buffer zones near residential dwellings.



“Justin Madden would never allow wind turbines near Windy Hill in his prospective seat of Essendon, but he is happy to approve them within a kilometre of homes in country Victoria.” Mr. Guy said.

“The Brumby Government’s rejection of the Coalition’s policy to restrict wind turbines to at least two km from residential homes shows a complete arrogance towards residents of country Victoria.”

“Labor is laissez-faire with its grossly irresponsible attitude to placing wind turbines close to existing residential homes and opposition to the Coalition’s plans for wind farm no-go areas like the Great Ocean Road.” Mr. Guy said.

“Allowing wind farms right near our most sensitive environments and tourist areas will cost jobs and tourist investment for country Victoria.”

Mr. Guy said the Coalition will restore the balance between local regional communities and multi-national energy corporations.

“Labor’s wind farm planning policy is currently heavily weighted against local communities.” Mr. Guy said.

“The Coalition simply seeks to restore fairness and certainty to the planning system, and to give country Victorians a say on developments in their district which will have a huge impact upon their communities.” Mr. Guy said.


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