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Queensland Opposition Leader John Paul Langbroek

Labor’s Privatisation Delivers Soaring Power Bills

Victor P Taffa

The latest round of electricity price hikes for Queensland householders is a reminder of what happens when Labor privatises public assets Opposition Leader John Paul Langbroek said today.

In the wake of the 13 % electricity price hike announced today, State Opposition and LNP Leader John-Paul Langbroek demanded Bligh and Labor now adopt the LNP’s policy to halt the sell-off of another $15 Billion in assets.

Mr. Langbroek said the pending 13 % rise in household electricity bills from 1 July meant electricity prices had risen by more than 50 %* since Labor privatised the retail arms of Energex and Ergon.


“Queensland families were never told this would be the price for Labor’s decision to privatise parts of the electricity sector.” Mr. Langbroek said.

Mr. Langbroek said when Labor privatised the electricity industry, Ms. Bligh had dishonestly assured Queenslanders that: “Nobody not one Queenslander will be worse off under the government’s proposal” (Anna Bligh, Parliament Hansard 28 September 2005).”

“Bligh lied about privatisation then, and she is lying about privatisation now.” Mr. Langbroek said.

Mr. Langbroek said the electricity hikes came on top of a raft of hip pocket hits Bligh and Labor had inflicted on Queenslanders.

“Every time Queenslanders fill up their cars, turn on the tap and flick on the lights they are paying more thanks to Anna Bligh and Labor.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Queensland has become the most expensive place to own and run a car as result of Bligh and Labor’s fuel tax, toll rises and registration increases and another massive electricity price hike is the last thing Queensland families and businesses need.”

Mr. Langbroek said the claim that price hikes were necessary to allow Energex and Ergon to spend more money on infrastructure was also a dishonest attempt to paper over Labor’s mismanagement of the electricity assets.

“For the last decade the Labor Government has siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars out of Energex and Ergon in special government ‘dividends’ to pay for Labor’s waste. If those dividends had not been ripped out at the rate they were, then Energex and Ergon would have been able to upgrade infrastructure all along.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Under Bligh and Labor, we just have this merry-go-round of more waste and more taxes.”


Original Electricity Bill –  $250 Quarterly Bill

% rise







1 July 2007 (QCA)




1 July 2008 (applied 5 June 2009) (QCA)




1 July 2009 (QCA)




1 July 2010 (QCA)





Source: Queensland Competition Authority

Editor Victor P Taffa opposes Electricity Privatisation and the sale of New South Wales Retail Power Companies. Both the New South Wales Labor and Liberal Parties support privatisation. Any sale proceeds will be frittered away quickly and this is reason enough to so NO to Privatisation. If the sale of the New South Wales Lotteries is anything to go by then the sale of electricity companies in New South Wales will be a financial LOSS to Taxpayers. NSW Lotteries was sold at a LOSS of $50 Million recently.


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