No More Graffiti For Bundaberg

No More Graffiti For Bundaberg

Queensland Minister for Local Government David Crisafulli

Bundaberg Regional Council Declares War On Graffiti

Victor P Taffa

Bundaberg Regional Council is stepping up efforts to rid local areas of graffiti thanks to a $36,000 grant from the Newman Government.

All of the State’s 73 councils will share in $1.75 Million each year for the next four years to clean up and remove graffiti from public buildings and amenities.

Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said graffiti was costing councils thousands of dollars each year.

“This fund will give Bundaberg Regional Council greater means to tackle graffiti head on without redirecting funds from vital community services.” Mr. Crisafulli said.

Council plans to use the money to target local hotspots like a new public toilet block that was recently covered with graffiti less than a week after its construction.

“Ratepayers right across the State are fed up with community assets being vandalised and paying for the clean-up caused by people with no respect for public property.” Mr. Crisafulli said.

A further $250,000 will go to Crime Stoppers to run a new State-wide GraffitiSTOP hotline, website and Facebook page so people can alert authorities to new graffiti by phone, text or online.

“Whether it’s a pedestrian bridge in Ipswich or a picnic table in Longreach, locals are proud of their community assets and they don’t want them to be tagged by careless graffiti vandals.” Mr. Crisafulli said.

The initiative will also connect councils with the nearest regional Probation and Parole officer so they can use community service offenders to help remove graffiti where appropriate.

GraffitiSTOP is live online from today and is part of the Newman Government’s Safer Streets and Crime Action Plan.

GraffitiSTOP: 1300 472 334 (6 am to 6 pm Monday to Fridays excluding Public Holidays)