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New South Wales Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall

New South Wales Minister for Western New South Wales Adam Marshall

New Lamb Definition To Boost Farmer Returns

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales lamb producers are set to enjoy a $10 Million boost to annual returns with changes to the definition of lamb.

Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales Adam Marshall said the change would provide growers with more certainty and put them on equal footing in international markets.

“These changes will give growers greater confidence and certainty when going to market by providing a more definitive physical indication of what constitutes a lamb.” Minister Marshall said.

“Current definition involves a great deal of guesswork because it classifies a lamb as being an animal that has not cut an incisor tooth.”

“In practice this means producers can have as little as one month’s warning before they face the price cliff associated with their lamb becoming classified as a hogget.”

Under the new definition lamb will be an ovine that is under 12 months of age or does not have any permanent incisor teeth in wear.

“This will give producers a clearer timeframe about when they can market their ovine as lamb, ensuring they get the best return on their product.” Minister Marshall said.

“Forecasting estimates the changes will add $50 on average to each animal and $10 Million per year to the New South Wales lamb industry.”

Changes will come into effect in July and will bring New South Wales into line with key international competitors, including Australia’s largest lamb export competitor, New Zealand.

“This will place New South Wales producers on equal footing with key international competitors such as those in New Zealand where lamb is already defined in such a way.” Minister Marshall said.

“Importantly the definition changes will have no bearing on the great quality and taste of Aussie lamb that consumers, both here and around the world, love and expect.”


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