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Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps

$750,000 Injection To Boost Stock Routes

Victor P Taffa

Drought affected drovers and graziers will benefit from more than $750,000 worth of projects to upgrade water facilities across Queensland’s 2.6 Million hectare stock route network.







Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps said the Queensland Government had responded to worsening drought conditions by allocating funds to allow councils to undertake additional works on their stock routes.

“This funding delivers on the Newman Government’s commitment to support and grow agriculture as one of Queensland’s four economic pillars and is one of the most significant single allocations into stock route management in more than a decade.” Mr. Cripps said.

“As dry conditions continue to spread across regional Queensland, stock owners are moving their stock, with the use of stock routes increasing and extra strain being placed on water points.”

“This additional capital works funding means councils can make more reliable water points available for grazing and travelling cattle across the 72,000 kilometre network by replacing troughs and tanks, installing water pumps and upgrading windmills along the routes.”

Mr. Cripps said the government had also made an online stock route management system available to councils, so they could access information faster and more easily track the passage of cattle across the state and better manage their stock routes

“More than 14,000 cattle are currently registered under a permit to either graze or travel across Queensland’s stock route network, spanning ten council areas.” Mr. Cripps said.

“The Department of Natural Resources and Mines’ online system was launched late last year and has modernised the management of Queensland’s stock routes.”

“The system allows councils to make more informed decisions when considering permit applications and to complete travel and agistment permits and water agreements online.”


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