Newman Govt And Firefighters Union Signs Agreement

Newman Govt And Firefighters Union Signs Agreement

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman

Queensland Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Jack Dempsey

Landmark Accord For Queensland Firefighters

Victor P Taffa

Queensland firefighters who serve their community will have better working conditions following a historic Accord introduced by the LNP (Liberal National Party) Government.

Premier Campbell Newman said thousands of firefighters across Queensland would benefit from the Accord which would improve their work environment.




“Everyday thousands of firefighters work to protect their community, and now our strong LNP Government will ensure they are involved in the decisions that affect those most.” Mr. Newman said.

Premier Newman joined Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Jack Dempsey and United Firefighters’ Union Queensland (UFUQ) Secretary John Oliver today to sign the historic accord, which will deliver:

  • Improved rostering arrangements providing professional and responsive fire and rescue services to Queenslanders
  • A stand-alone award with upgraded employment conditions for Auxiliary Firefighters
  • Continuous improvements in workplace health and safety standards
  • Greater consultation and communication between QFES and the UFUQ
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES)
  • United Firefighters’ Union Queensland (UFUQ)

“We inherited a government where emergency services were not a priority and big issues affecting our hardworking firefighters and their families were ignored.” Mr. Newman said.

“We’re bringing firefighters to the table so that they can help deliver an improved service making Queensland the safest place to live and raise a family.”

United Firefighters’ Union Queensland Secretary John Oliver said the Accord followed months of continued consultation between the Government and the Union.

“The UFUQ has been working to deliver a result for our members across Queensland, and today we have delivered a win alongside the Government.” Mr. Oliver said.

“This Accord means we will have an active role in helping implement long-term improvements for the service.”

QLD Minister for Police Jack Dempsey

QLD Minister for Fire & Emergency Services Jack Dempsey










Fire and Emergency Services Minister Jack Dempsey said the Accord would better support every Queensland firefighter.

“The LNP has a strong plan for safe communities and to provide every firefighter with the tools they need to serve Queenslanders.” Mr. Dempsey said.

“Our strong team will deliver support to our firefighters by improving rostering arrangements, award conditions and workplace health and safety.”

“We will continue to consult with everyone involved and the community to ensure that we deliver for Queensland’s firefighters.” Mr. Dempsey said.