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Western Australia Minister for Education Elizabeth Constable

Western Australia Minister for Training and Workforce Development Peter Collier

On-line Insight For International Students With An Eye For Study In WA

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has launched a new website to help International Students make informed choices and improve their living and study experiences in Western Australia.

Education Minister Liz Constable and Training and Workforce Development Minister Peter Collier launched the ‘Study in Western Australia’ website which aimed to help current and prospective international students.

Dr. Constable said feedback from students had been used to help ensure the website provided comprehensive information about studying and living in WA.


“Last year about 50,000 international students came to study at educational institutions in WA and made a significant contribution, enhancing our community in both cultural and economic terms.”

“International students coming to our State leave family and friends behind to live in a different culture and study in a new education system, often in a language which may not be their first.” Dr. Constable said.

“The website includes information about accommodation; cost of living; safety and security; health; transport; and student support services and will be a useful resource for overseas students thinking of studying in WA and those already studying here.”

Mr. Collier said the ‘Study in Western Australia’ website would make a real difference to all young people from around the world that came to WA to live, work and study.

“The website provides an official, authoritative source of comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate information for international students studying or considering studying in Perth and WA.”

“It will ensure potential students have accurate and realistic expectations about their experience and be adequately prepared when making the decision to move to WA.” Mr. Collier said.

“They need to be able to choose where they would like to live, what type of provider they wish to enrol with and what courses they would like to study.”

“They need to be aware of what it is like living in WA, our culture and customs, services and resources as well as protections, rights and responsibilities.”

The website is a key part of a Government program launched last year, aimed at attracting students seeking a qualification in Australia and promoting a positive experience by students of living and studying in WA.


WA Minister for Training and Workforce Development Peter Collier

WA Minister for Training and Workforce Development Peter Collier


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