New Taxi Fares From 13 December 2010

New Taxi Fares From 13 December 2010

Western Australia Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien

Fare Increase Is A Fair Go For Taxi Industry

Victor P Taffa

Metropolitan Taxi Fares will increase by 4.79 % after the Annual Fare Review.

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien said this was the first effective increase since December 2008, and that the new fares would ensure taxi drivers were adequately paid and Operators could better meet their costs.

The Standard Fee per kilometre would rise from $1.48 to $1.55, increasing the cost of a 15-kilometre journey during the daytime from $25.80 to $27.05.

The new fares will apply from Monday, December 13, 2010.

Taxi fares are reviewed annually by independent accountants under the Metropolitan Taxi Fare Model (MTFM) and revised tariffs are implemented each December. Based on the Taxi Industry Board’s recommendations the MTFM was recently amended to ensure fares were adjusted in line with the annual movement in industry operating costs.


“I am committed to improving the Taxi Industry for both Drivers and Customers.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“Taxis are a very important component of the Public Transport Mix. They help get people to business meetings and important events and they are crucial to our Tourism Industry.”

“In order to attract and retain quality Taxi Operators and Drivers, the Industry needs to be adequately compensated for providing a Door-to-Door Transport Service.” Mr. O’Brien said.

As a Former Taxi Driver in Sydney Editor Victor P Taffa experienced ‘Runners’ even during Broad Daylight. This loss of Revenue was Soul Destroying and Time Consuming.

While in Victoria for the State Election recently what was noted on the rear of Taxi-Cabs were signs asking for Pre-Payment of a set sum of money in certain hours of the day before a Passenger would be conveyed.

Taxi-Cabs should across Australia and particularly in New South Wales have compulsory Pre-Payment of a certain sum of money before a passenger is conveyed.

When boarding a Plane, Train, Tram or Bus a Ticket must be purchased in advance of travel.

Taxi Driver’s do it tough for little reward and deserve a Fare Go.