New Strategic Plan For Sustainability Victoria Announced

New Strategic Plan For Sustainability Victoria Announced

Victoria Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith

Minister Announces New Strategic Plan For Sustainability Victoria

Victor P Taffa

Sustainability Victoria’s (SV) new three-year strategic plan, SV2015, will focus on two distinct investment priorities integrated waste management and resource efficiency.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith said Sustainability Victoria has a new role to play in supporting the transformation of the Victorian economy through good policy settings and investment choices.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to supporting Victorian households and businesses to reduce pressures on the cost of living and the cost of doing business.” Mr. Smith said.

“SV2015 responds to the review of Sustainability Victoria and commits the organisation to maximise reinvestment of the landfill levy in areas where we can achieve the most sustainable outcomes and provide opportunities for the growth of clean technology industries and generate jobs.”

Mr. Smith said it was important to recognise that success of the strategy could not be determined by environmental outcomes alone.

“Environmental, economic and social outcomes are all mutually important to demonstrate the many benefits that can be derived from making sustainable choices and taking action.”

“SV2015 is sending a strong message about the principles that are guiding how the Coalition Government is already investing public money through Sustainability Victoria.”

Minister Smith said Sustainability Victoria’s investment strategy was informed by the need:

  • For stronger support of the waste and resource recovery sector;
  • To leverage greater co-investment from industry;
  • For a sound evidence base upon which decisions will be made;
  • For greater transparency around the reinvestment of the landfill levy;
  • To support the development of critical infrastructure; and
  • To fund programs that yield a positive return on investment.

“The Coalition Government, through Sustainability Victoria, has already announced a number of programs that bring to fruition these principles of investment as part of the Conserve, Invest and Save strategy.” Mr. Smith said.

“To date the Coalition has invested almost $35 Million under this strategy to assist councils to meet best practice landfill management processes; to increase recycling and resource recovery; to enhance organic waste and food scraps recovery and to help small to medium-sized businesses become more waste, energy and water efficient.”

“SV2015 will ensure that we continue to build on this good work and that over the next three years our capabilities in integrated waste management and resource efficiency go from strength to strength.”

Sustainability Victoria’s CEO Stan Krpan endorsed Mr. Smith’s comments and said it was an exciting time for the organisation.

“SV2015 has been highly guided by the considerable stakeholder engagement conducted as part of the recent review of Sustainability Victoria’s strategic direction.” Mr. Krpan said.

Mr. Krpan paid tribute to SV staff which had taken on the challenge of the transformation of SV and had shown determination to achieve integrated sustainability outcomes for Victoria.

“Sustainability Victoria has a great opportunity with the right strategy in place to not only support the transformation of the Victorian economy, but embed sustainability into everyday practices and processes.” Mr. Krpan said.

“We already have some great programs such as Detox your Home and the Resource Smart AuSSI Vic initiative, as well as the programs under Conserve Invest and Save.”

“We will continue to develop innovative programs on behalf of the Coalition Government.”

Mr. Krpan said Sustainability Victoria was now conducting a series of information sessions with key stakeholder groups to thank them for their contribution and support during the review process and to explain SV2015 in more detail.