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New South Wales Election 26 March 2011

Victor P Taffa

The State of New South Wales delivered a Political Electoral Landslide Victory to the Liberal and National Parties led by incoming Premier Barry O’Farrell and incoming Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner. New South Wales Governor Marie Bashir will swear in the O’Farrell/ Stoner Government on Monday 28 March 2011 at Government House.

Some of the reasons that led to such a large victory for the Liberal and National Parties at this election includes:

New South Wales Labor:

The New South Wales Labor Party has been completely repudiated by the people of New South Wales in an electoral rout not seen in Australian Political History. Failure to deliver honest, competent and ethical Government was why the Labor Party was comprehensively annihilated. The statewide swing against Labor was close to 17%.

New South Wales Police:

In order to carry out the orders of the New South Wales Labor Government from 1995-2011 the New South Wales Police ensured that Victor P Taffa suffered years of harassment and financial starvation.

Painted as an ‘activist’ by Police due to opposition to the Kings Cross Heroin Injecting Room and for support of Railway Expansion Victor P Taffa has paid a heavy personal price that will be resolved by working for the Baillieu Victoria Government in a Senior Transport role. Victor P Taffa has never been involved in a public demonstration. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh was an activist in demonstrations against the Bjelke-Petersen National Party Government in the 1970’s.

Victor P Taffa twice applied in 2002 to join the New South Wales Police and during the process was forced TO SELL HIS HOME. What other applicant to the New South Wales Police to that point has ever been forced to sell his home?

This situation arose after a letter was sent to Former Commissioner Ken Moroney about the Injecting Room. Every manner of slurs and methods of cover-up have continued since 2002 against Victor P Taffa by New South Wales Police.

New South Wales Police Recruitment:

The New South Wales Police view retail shoplifting as petty theft and as such is not taken seriously by Police. This view of the world was held against Victor P Taffa as he had a retail background and was of ‘No use’ to be recruited by Police. Joining the New South Wales Police is obviously not a worthwhile thing to do. Victor P Taffa has no desire to ever join the New South Wales Police.

 New South Wales Police Media:

The Southern Thunderer was first published on 14 October 2009. The surprise for Victor P Taffa was not to be removed from the Police Media Release list but the initial acceptance of the request to be added to the Media Release list.

New South Wales Health:

New South Wales Health decided in its wisdom that Railway Expansion Plans by Victor P Taffa should never proceed or that he ever sat in any Parliament. In 2007 attempts to return to Taxi Driving for Victor P Taffa on the one hand by Doctors were rejected and accepted for other Drivers for the same condition of having suffered a seizure. All New South Wales Doctors, Nurses and so-called Health Professionals have allowed their Labor bias to colour the medical treatment of Victor P Taffa. Poor medical judgement by Doctors of Victor P Taffa extended to preference for Brain Surgery and that anyone with HIV ‘Is going to die anyway.’  Victor P Taffa rejected brain surgery and such decision has since been vindicated.

Ryde Community Mental Health Service:

In 2003 the Former Labor Member for Ryde allegedly signed a Court Order to place Victor P Taffa in a Psychiatric Hospital that was an act of political corruption. The grounds for the incarceration of Victor P Taffa was contrived by New South Wales Labor and came after Victor P Taffa applied to join the Police and also had met the Former Labor State Member for Ryde in his Electorate Office about Railway Expansion Plans that are now contained on In 2004 The Ryde Community Mental Health Service gave varying dosage of Olanzapine to Victor P Taffa that was almost fatal.

New South Wales Government House:

The New South Wales Governor Sir Philip Game sacked Labor Premier Jack Lang in 1932 due to efforts by Premier Lang to illegally raise loans. Former Labor Premier Bob Carr removed the New South Wales Governor from Government House in 1996 as ‘One for Jack Lang.’ The New South Wales Governor should return to live and work in Government House.


Many in New South Wales have viewed Victor P Taffa as nothing more than a ‘Distraction.’ Every attempt to marginalise and sideline Victor P Taffa has been made since joining the New South Wales Liberal Party in 1982.

Website Interference:

Victor P Taffa has 2 websites. and One website is an on-line publication and the other supports heavy Railway Expansion in New South Wales. The New South Wales Labor Party and Government decided on numerous occasions to interfere with I.T. Managers for these websites. The New South Wales Labor Party decided in its wisdom that if you support Railway Expansion that you have to be Labor.  This does not take into account attempts by the New South Wales Labor Government to sack all train drivers and guards and destroy the RailCorp Network.

The Southern Thunderer:

The Southern Thunderer was first published on 14 October 2009 and Editor Victor P Taffa has been painted as an enemy of the state and viewed as such by New South Wales Police.

New South Wales Media:

The New South Wales Media have abused their position against Victor P Taffa personally. This includes all Sydney Television and Radio. This extended to harassment and assault at New South Wales Police Media Conferences. Attempts to marginalise The Southern Thunderer as merely relating to trains have proved to be unfounded.

New South Wales And Canberra Press Galleries:

The Head of the New South Wales Press Gallery decided to maintain the ‘Club’ and deny Editor Victor P Taffa access to the Press Gallery. This extended to the Canberra Press Gallery. No one wanted the Club upset. These media outlets are dinosaur in their attitude and dirty games were played to stop Victor P Taffa from earning any revenue for The Southern Thunderer.

The White House At The Top Of The Hill:

Ron Taffa the Father of Victor P Taffa began a Hardware Store in West Ryde in 1955 that is still operated by the Taffa Family. Ron Taffa married Margaret in 1957 and moved to Eastwood in 1967. The Family Home is a White Brick Home with a large frontage on the top of a steep hill that has views to the Blue Mountains. Located opposite Ryde Hospital the house has been the subject of slurs against Victor P Taffa by local Labor supporters, members and residents over many years. The staffs of Ryde Hospital have also similarly held small minded slurs. This game has extended to the resident immediately behind Victor P Taffa due to the fact that her home is slightly higher than that of Victor P Taffa.

Immediate Family Wedge Politics:

Since first joining the New South Wales Liberal Party in 1982 Victor P Taffa has had relations with his immediate family almost destroyed by many local people playing wedge politics against Victor P Taffa. The petty jealousy of small minded people is due to the Taffa Family Home and Hardware Store. This was one reason why Victor P Taffa was forced TO SELL HIS HOME for fear that he was too wealthy. The sad fact is that Victor P Taffa is almost financially broke thanks to petty local people. The only solution to this is to move to Victoria and work for the Baillieu Government.

Homosexuality & Political Ambitions:

Former New South Wales Labor MLC Paul O’Gready and New South Wales Liberal Wakehurst MP John Booth had their political careers destroyed allegedly due to homosexuality. This allegedly extended to Radio 2GB announcer Alan Jones and definitely Victor P Taffa.

Gay Marriage:

Gay Marriage is in itself not a perfect pathway to happiness but would end the discrimination and bashings that Homosexual Men and Women have had to endure over a long time. Heterosexual Men overwhelmingly commit the following:

  • Rape Women;
  • Bash Women;
  • Bash Children;
  • Molest Children.

Homosexuality is not ‘Normal’ and a ‘Sickness’ according to many. Why would 10% of the Population wish to be marginalised and endure humiliation?

If Homosexuality was a ‘Choice’ why did are there illnesses such as Breast Cancer or Quadriplegia?

The Catholic Church has not disappeared in countries where Gay Marriage has been made legal. Celibacy among Catholic Priests is unhealthy, unnatural and leads to sexual abuse against children.

Railway Expansion:

Successive New South Wales Labor Government’s have opposed Railway expansion over several decades and closed down the Broken Hill, Maitland, Newcastle and Sydney Tramways. Decades long opposition were why the New South Wales Labor Government disliked the Railway Plans of John Bradfield and Victor P Taffa as per Metro Rail was also to be the end of the RailCorp Network.

The performance of RailCorp CEO’s was irrelevant as the entire New South Wales Parliament wanted to destroy RailCorp. Current CEO Rob Mason has done a good job in the face of Network Closure.

The CEO’s and Company executives opposed to the Railway and Tramway Industries should tell their staff why they can never have High-Speed Rail, Railway or Tramway Expansion or a Rail Ferry To Tasmania. Dinosaur attitudes against Railway and Tramway Expansion are holding Australia back.

Metro Rail:

Metro Rail is not a new technology and was intended to replace the RailCorp Network seemingly overnight by the New South Wales Labor Government. The irony is that the RailCorp Network is crucial for the development of High-Speed Rail.

Rugby League:

The New South Wales Labor Government sought to use the Rugby League and play wedge politics against Victor P Taffa because of his support for of Australian Rules Football (AFL).

Food and Restaurant Outlets:

The New South Wales Labor Government sought to play wedge politics against Victor P Taffa across Sydney at various Food and Restaurant Outlets. This was not a figment of the imagination of victor P Taffa due holding of the New South Wales Election. Situations arose that were not a one-off but became a pattern.

70 Year Parallels:

The Federal Election result on 21 August 2010 produced the first Minority Government in 70 years. Similarly the New South Wales Labor Party lost the seat of Rockdale for the first time in 70 years. Rockdale was once held by Labor Premier Joe Cahill. The Election of the McKell Government began 70 years of longevity on the Treasury Benches for New South Wales Labor.

  • 1941-1965 Labor governed for 24 years.
  • 1965-1976 Liberal/ National Coalition governed for 11 years
  • 1976-1988 Labor governed for 12 years.
  • 1988-1995 Liberal/ National Coalition governed for 7 years.
  • 1995-2011 Labor governed for 16 years.
  • 2011- Liberal/National Coalition elected.

New South Wales Labor has governed for 52 of the last 70 years.

Many people have made living in New South Wales for Victor P Taffa totally unbearable. Victor P Taffa may never sit in any Parliament.

What is worse is that Victor P Taffa must be STOPPED at all costs to ever have a public role to play for railway and Tramway Expansion anywhere in Australia.

The real losers will be the silent majority who are desperate for Railway and Tramway Expansion, High-Speed Rail and a Rail Ferry to Tasmania.

The most incompetent and corrupt Government in New South Wales history has been finally swept from office and all office bearers of the New South Wales Labor Party should also resign. Should they not resign then as with Former Newcastle Labor MP Bryce Gaudry the National Executive of the Labor Party must sack the New South Wales Labor Branch. Failure to do so will simply be an endorsement by the Gillard Government of the corrupt and incompetent actions of the now defeated New South Wales Labor Government.


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