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New South Wales Attorney General Mark Speakman

Hello Sunshine It’s Time For Daylight Saving

Victor P Taffa

For lovers of the outdoors, it’s time to rejoice with daylight saving beginning in New South Wales on Sunday.

Attorney General Mark Speakman reminded New South Wales residents that clocks move forward by 1 hour at 2 am this Sunday, 7 October 2018.

“As the weather warms up, daylight saving provides people who work long hours an opportunity to enjoy more outdoor activities in the sun with family and friends.” Attorney General Speakman said.

“While most digital devices will automatically update the time change, it’s a good idea to put forward manually-adjustable clocks by 1 hour before going to bed on Saturday night.”

New South Wales returns to standard time on Sunday, 7 April 2019 when daylight saving ends.

Daylight saving was introduced for the first time during World War I to save fuel by cutting down on artificial lighting. It also operated during World War II for 3 periods, before being re-introduced in New South Wales in 1971.


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