New South Wales National Party To Contest Wagga Wagga At 2019 State Election

New South Wales National Party To Contest Wagga Wagga At 2019 State Election

Polling Day 23 March 2019

First Wagga Wagga National Party Candidate Since 1999 State Election

Victor P Taffa

National Party will contest the State seat of Wagga Wagga for the first time since the 1999 State Election.

At the 1999 State Election National Party candidate Jim Booth secured 22.9% of the vote.


Members Of Wagga Wagga State Electorate

Wagga Wagga State Electorate has had three incarnations since the seat was first created.

Electorate Incarnation is when the Electoral Commission initially creates the seat. During an electoral redistribution seats survive or they are abolished. Name of the seat is retained by the Electoral Commission in the event that the seat is recreated.

At a State level Parliamentary seats are referred to as Districts. At a Federal level Parliamentary seats are referred to as Divisions.

Members for Wagga Wagga are as follows:

Member                      Party                           Term

Third incarnation (1927–present)

Joe McGirr                  Independent                2018-Present

Daryl Maguire             Independent                2018

Daryl Maguire             Liberal                         1999-2018

Joe Schipp                   Liberal                         1975-1999

Wal Fife                      Liberal                         1957-1975

Eddie Graham             Labor                           1941-1957

Matthew Kilpatrick     Country                       1927-1941

Second incarnation (1913–1920)

George Beeby             Nationalist                   1917-1920

Walter Boston             Labor                           1913-1917

First incarnation (1894–1904)

James Gormly             Progressive                  1901-1904

James Gormly             Protectionist                1894-1901


Party Name Change

National Party originally was the Country Party and then changed name to the National Country Party before changing to its current name.