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Oldest Continuous Mounted Group In The World

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Mounted Police Unit is a mounted section of the New South Wales Police Force. Founded by Governor Thomas Brisbane, on 7 September 1825.

New South Wales Police Force remained the mounted division of the British Army in the colony of New South Wales until 1850, when it took upon a more civilian role.

New South Wales Mounted Police Unit is the oldest continuous mounted group in the world.

  • London Mounted Police was formed in 1828,
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police was formed in 1873.

Currently the New South Wales Mounted Police has a strength of 36 officers and around 38 mounts.

Type of horse purchased must stand 15.3 hands, be free of blemishes, have a good intelligent head and be between 3-5 years of age.

Young untrained Police Horse is first, taught to tie up, lead on foot and lead from a horse. His education continues through various stages until he is able to be ridden and walked around with quiet troop horses

Basic training of the average horse takes about 9 months, divided into 3 periods:

  • First phase is to develop his physical power to make him quiet and to teach him to move forward freely;
  • Second phase is to make him balanced and collected and obey the various aids quickly;
  • Third phase is devoted to training him to go quietly whether in front or behind or alongside other horses.

Mounted Police are available to assist General Duties Police on Special Operations, in the City of Sydney, Suburban areas and Country areas of New South Wales. These operations consist of:

  • Crowd Control & Traffic Control, at major functions or events (i.e. New Year’s Eve Celebration, Festivals, Carnivals, major sporting events, etc.). It has been said one Police horse is more effective than ten-foot Police when performing crowd control.
  • Searches – mainly in country areas or outer suburban areas, in National Parks, for lost persons, escapees, drug plantations, etc.
  • Stock mustering – Mounted Police can assist, Stock Squad Police R.S.P.C.A. Officers, and Local Government impounding officers, in mustering stolen or emaciated stock, and are equipped to assist Local Police in re-capturing runaway horses in the city and inner suburban areas.

Anyone interested in joining the New South Wales Mounted Police Unit would first need to become a Probationary Constable.

New South Wales Police website contains more information and people can also give New South Wales Police a telephone call and speak to staff and officers in the Recruitment Branch.


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