New South Wales Labor’s Shooting Gallery

New South Wales Labor’s Shooting Gallery

Kings Cross Heroin Injecting Room

Victor P Taffa

The New South Wales Labor Government has had a Shooting Gallery operating at Kings Cross since coming to Office in 1995 and the question that has not been answered is why the New South Wales Labor Government has not turned the facility into a real Shooting Gallery.

The New South Wales Labor Government has used the excuse of ‘concern for the health of Editor Victor P Taffa’ in regards to almost destroying his life however it is his ethnicity and support of Railway Expansion in New South Wales is the real motive of total dislike of Victor P Taffa.

Why hasn’t the Labor Party solved every illness and disease on God’s Earth?

The New South Wales Labor Party has been ruled by a Right Wing Faction for many decades. The New South Wales Labor Party has used the machinery of the New South Wales Police and Health as weapons in its war of dislike against Victor P Taffa.

The Right Wing of the New South Wales Labor Party also likes to pride itself in being more Catholic than the Catholic Church. There are clandestine meetings. There are also Factions such as the Left Wing, The Terrigal’s, The Trogs and many more.

The New South Wales Police has had Police Commissioners with direct links to the Masons. It is alleged that Former Commissioner Tony Lauer was an active Mason during his time as Commissioner. There are no doubt others.

There are some who allege that Former Liberal Premier Sir Robert Askin was ‘Crooked.’

There is no doubt on God’s Earth that if you wanted the perfect alibi for Political corruption that the Premier of the day would also double as the Minister for Police. After all who would dare question a Premier and Minister for Police?

Former Labor Premier Neville Wran was that same Minister for Police who ultimately faced a Royal Commission. So to all the ‘Loyal’ Labor supporters who really was more corrupt?

Perhaps Labor supporters could have a Wran vs. Askin Most Corrupt competition. The New South Wales Police could oversee all bets.

Everyone knows that New South Wales began as a Penal Colony and that the New South Wales Governor Bligh faced a rebellion. Does that mean that the endemic corruption in New South Wales has to continue against Victor P Taffa in 2011?

The Labor Party has a history of breaking every rule of law when it suited them.

Queensland Labor:

In 1922 the Queensland Labor Government dissolved the Legislative Council after having stacked the Chamber to abolish it. In spite of a Referenda result to the contrary the Legislative Council went into the dustbin of history. From 1915 until 1957 Labor ruled Queensland and was instrumental in introducing the famous Gerrymander. Decades later Labor tried to blame the Gerrymander on National Party Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen however it was Labor who introduced the weighted boundary system. Ironically Labor argued against the Legislative Council as it favoured the Farmers. To massage voters the Queensland Labor Government introduced FREE health for everyone and the Whitlam Labor Government took that away with the introduction of Medibank in 1973.

New South Wales Labor:

The Lang Labor Government was desperate to abolish the Legislative Council in New South Wales. The Lang Government ‘Stacked’ the Legislative Council with Members who would vote themselves out of office and when push came to shove the attempts in 1927 to abolish the Legislative Council failed. The Lang Labor Government attempted to raise loans illegally and in 1932 Premier Jack Lang was sacked by Governor Sir Philip Game. In 1996 Labor Premier Bob Carr REMOVED the Governor from Government House as Payback for the actions of Sir Philip Game in 1932.

Federal Labor:

Despite all the hysteria Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was sacked by Governors-General Sir John Kerr in 1975 as the Whitlam Government sought to also raise illegal loans.


The Policy of the New South Wales Labor Party from the 1930’s was to close down the Tramways. Gradual Line closures proceeded during the 1940’s, 50’s and finally in 1961. The rest of Australia followed suit and closed down Tramways except the Glenelg Line in Adelaide and the Melbourne Tramways.


Decades later after the Tramways closures the entire New South Wales Parliament voted in November 2008 for the Metro Rail Authority Bill and to CLOSE down the RailCorp Network. This involved the sacking of all Train Drivers and Guards.

Editor Victor P Taffa has supported Railway Expansion in New South Wales over many years. The Labor Party has ‘Punished’ and Incarcerated Victor P Taffa and he have paid a heavy personal price.

The Baillieu/Ryan Victoria Liberal/National Government came to office in November 2010 with a raft of Railway Expansion and Improvement Plans at hand.

The thugs in the New South Wales Labor Government are not going to STOP Victor P Taffa in having the job of a lifetime and actually contribute to Railway and Tramway Expansion and also High-Speed Rail between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. Just who the hell does the New South Wales Labor Party think they are?