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Railways Miss Out At The Expense Of Roads Again

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Labor Minister for Roads David Borger has in recent days made some comments in various media outlets about the achievements of the Labor Government in the area of Roads since 1995.

Mr. Borger who is a nice man suggested that the highlights of the Labor Government in the area of Roads include:

  • Widening the M2;
  • Widening the M4;
  • Building the M5 East;
  • Building the M7.

to name a few.


The M2 is currently being widened and the Labor Government has had a total aversion to building a North-West Heavy Railway Line.


The M4 was widened however the M4 should not be extended as that should have occurred when the Road was initially built. The M4 should actually end at Centenary Drive and funnel all traffic along that Road. The fact is that most traffic on the M4 does not end up in the Sydney CBD. Most of the traffic on the M4 actually wants to head South and towards the Airport. That is why the M4 should end at Centenary Drive.

M5 East:

The M5 East would have to be the worst designed Road since Road Construction began. The M5 East was overloaded and too narrow before it opened to traffic.


The M7 was not built by the New South Wales Labor Government. Former Prime Minister John Howard funded and built the M7.


Of all the New South Wales Labor Ministers for Transport since 1995 the best of the worst would be Carl Scully. Carl Scully duplicated the Cronulla Railway Line, added extra Tracks on the East Hills Line and wanted to build the Strathfield-Hurstville and the Parramatta-Chatswood Railways. The Minister who canned the Parramatta-Epping section of that Railway does not deserve to be glorified with the mention of his name. That Transport Minister did the bidding of the New South Wales Treasury as he sought to advance his political career. This Transport Minister was a prize dunce for canning the Parramatta-Epping section of the Line to Chatswood.

Bus Transitways:

Former Premier Bob Carr built Bus Transitways that Mr. Borger trumpeted the virtues of. The fact is that Treasury would only approve anything to do with Buses. These isolated Bus Transitways such as the Liverpool-Parramatta and North-West sound great in theory however that is only in theory.

Former Premier Bob Carr had a flawed Transport strategy and New South Wales has paid the price of 16 wasted years. On the one hand Premier Carr built isolated Bus Transitways but also wanted a Metro System which was to destroy the RailCorp Network at the same time. This included sacking all Train Drivers and Guards to appease Treasury.

RailCorp Expansion:

There has not been one person in New South Wales since 1995 except Editor Victor P Taffa who has publicly advocated expanding the RailCorp Network. The New South Wales Labor Government was too busy incarcerating Victor P Taffa in Psychiatric Hospitals in 2003 and 2010 to worry about what was good for Sydney or New South Wales.

The only sensible and cheapest option was to expand the RailCorp Network as per both John Bradfield’s Plans and those contained in This still remains for an incoming O’Farrell/Stoner Government the only serious option for Railway Expansion in Sydney and New South Wales.

The O’Farrell/Stoner Government would be better of completing the Pacific Highway Duplication instead of an extension to the M4. Railway Expansion could also have funding.

Metro Rail:

The entire New South Wales Parliament voted for the Metro Rail Authority Bill in November 2008 and was the most short-sighted idea that was ever decided in New South Wales. Even to this day all and sundry including the New South Wales Police think they know better about Railway Expansion in New South Wales than Victor P Taffa.

As always the job of the New South Wales Police is to maintain Law and Order and not oppose Victor P Taffa at every turn. If there were no Railway Lines in existence there would still be crimes to solve.

There are simply too many NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) Federal and New South Wales Politicians whose views against Railway Expansion are simply laughable.

The best and most successful Transport Networks in Cities around the world are a single Rail Network. The London ‘Tube’, New York Metro, Paris Metro and Sydney’s RailCorp Network are successful because they are a single system that moves a lot of people successfully.

People may laugh at Sydney’s RailCorp Network however the London ‘Tube’ covers an area from the Sydney CBD to Strathfield. The RailCorp Network extends all the way to the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and the Illawarra. Sydney Central Railway Station is one of the great Railway Stations in the world for its importance and size to the Network.

The only problem with the RailCorp Network is that over many decades it has not kept pace with Population growth. Over time the City Circle Line was completed in 1956 and the Bankstown and East Hills Lines were linked to other Lines that improved the entire operation of the network. The Harris Park Y Link was added and is an important addition to the System.

New South Wales Treasury:

Successive New South Wales Labor Government’s have had an aversion to Rail Based Transport for decades. This is largely because of the New South Wales Treasury’s dislike of Rail Based Transport. Treasury would not fund Tramway Expansion or Improvements and so the closure of the second largest Tramway Network outside of London in the British Empire was destroyed.

This Policy of Tramway Line closures began in the 1930’s and continued until 1961. The rest of Australia followed suit with the exception of the Glenelg Line in Adelaide and the Melbourne Tramways. For decades Railway Expansion did not proceed and the half completed Eastern Suburbs Railway took 100 years to be finished.

Not only has Victor P Taffa revived many of John Bradfield’s Plans and added to those for Sydney and New South Wales but there are also two Pages of Railway and two Pages of Tramway Expansion and Improvement Plans in addition to the raft of Plans announced by the Baillieu Victoria Government at the November 2010 Election.

All the Politicians, Transport Bureaucrats, Media Personnel and Heads of Industries that oppose Railway and Tramway Expansion who think that they can do a better job for the Baillieu Victoria Government than Victor P Taffa should meet face-to-face and publicly debate why they can do a better job.

Everyone has shown in New South Wales that Victor P Taffa should never have a say in Public Life especially about Railway Expansion. These people have made living in New South Wales for Victor P Taffa an awful existence.

The puerile mind games in New South Wales against Victor P Taffa and Railway Expansion over many decades have shown that even a likely change of Government on 26 March 2011 is not going to ensure that by staying in New South Wales Victor P Taffa will have any quality of life.


The people of Victoria and the Baillieu Victoria Government are accepting and decent people and Victoria will be a great place to live.


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