New South Wales Baby Names List For 2017 Announced

New South Wales Baby Names List For 2017 Announced

New South Wales Attorney General Mark Speakman

Oliver Still Number 1 For Boys & Charlotte Reigns With Girls

Victor P Taffa

Kindergarten classrooms and daycare centres will welcome plenty of new faces in 2018 and there’s a good chance Oliver, Charlotte, William and Olivia will be on the roll call, Attorney General Mark Speakman said today.

For the fourth consecutive year, Oliver has edged out William as the most popular name in New South Wales for newborn boys, while Charlotte has returned to the top spot for girls, narrowly ahead of Olivia.


“This decade we are seeing little change at the top of the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages annual baby name list and monikers linked to monarchy remain popular.” Attorney General Speakman said.

Only newcomers to the top 10’s in 2017 are Henry, Zoe and Ella, replacing Leo, Emily and Ruby. Henry is the biggest mover on the list, finishing fifth, up from 18th in 2016.

2017 was a big year for Harry, with the 33-year-old Prince of that name announcing his engagement to Meghan Markle and the classic boys’ name jumping to 21st place up from 27th on the New South Wales baby name list.

“An increasing number of parents are just wild about Harry as well as the longer form of the name, Harrison, which has climbed two places to 14th.”

Attorney General Speakman said the baby name list provides an insight into New South Wales communities.

“While western influences are prevalent, we are also seeing names that reflect our rich cultural diversity, such as Muhammad (59th), Ali (66th) and Ibrahim (98th).” Attorney General Speakman said.

“Whether you opt for something that’s significant to your heritage, trendy or unique, it’s important to choose wisely as your child will likely carry their name for life.”

Parents have 60 days to register their newborn, which means some 2017 births are yet to be registered. Registration is free in New South Wales and helps establish a child’s legal identity.

A final list of the top 100 baby names will be released by April 2018.