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New South Wales Minister for Environment Matt Kean

Reforms To Reduce Illegal Asbestos Dumping

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Government is working to remove the levy on asbestos waste to make it easier and cheaper for the community to lawfully dispose of asbestos waste.

Minister for Environment Matt Kean today released the New South Wales Asbestos Waste Strategy 2019-21, which aims to reduce the illegal and improper disposal of asbestos waste.

Strategy was developed following research which showed that asbestos waste accounts for up to 8 % of illegally dumped waste across New South Wales.

“Illegally dumped asbestos poses a threat to human health and our environment and results in significant clean-up costs.” Minister Kean said.

“Safe and lawful management of asbestos waste is a priority for this Government and that means making legal disposal of asbestos waste easier and cheaper.”

“To do this, we will work to increase the number of facilities which can lawfully receive asbestos waste and make it cheaper to dispose of asbestos by removing the waste levy on separated, bonded and wrapped asbestos waste up to 250 kg.” Minister Kean said.

“Strategy also sets out our plans to disrupt unlawful asbestos dumping by increasing the risk for bad operators.”

“We will monitor repeat offenders with GPS trackers to deter illegal dumping and cancel vehicle registration for people caught doing the wrong thing.” Minister Kean said.

Maximum penalties for illegal dumping of asbestos in New South Wales is $2 Million for corporations and $500,000 for individuals.


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