New Royal Adelaide Hospital Gears Up For Official Opening On 5 September 2017

New Royal Adelaide Hospital Gears Up For Official Opening On 5 September 2017

South Australia Minister for Health Jack Snelling

History Made As NRAH Welcomes First Outpatient

Victor P Taffa

South Australian history has been made today as the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) welcomed its first patients with the commencement of some renal outpatient and radiation oncology services.

“Today is another major step forward for healthcare in South Australia as we see the first outpatients walk through the doors of the new RAH.” Minister for Health Jack Snelling said.

“We do need to be very clear though that this does not mean the new RAH is open to the general public.”

While the hospital will not open to the general public until Tuesday 5 September, a small number of outpatient and radiation therapy clinics started today, with approximately 170 outpatient appointments booked over the next three weeks.

“Official opening date is Tuesday 5 September at 7 am, and it’s important that people continue to go to the old Royal Adelaide Hospital like normal, until this time.” Minister Snelling said.

Beginning these services early allows staff to settle into their new working environment with smaller levels of activity and patients who are low risk.

“As we gear up to the hospital opening on September 5, it’s important we take this opportunity with our renal outpatients and radiation oncology patients to really settle in to the new working environment.” Central Adelaide Local Health Network Clinical Director, Renal and Cancer Directorates, Professor Graeme Russ said.


New RAH’s first outpatient, 51 year old Paul Panos received a donor kidney from his mother 6 years ago.

He is the first Renal Outpatient Clinic appointment, with 150 patients booked in for appointments over the next three weeks.

These patients are typically kidney transplant recipients who are required to see their specialist every 3 months for a follow up appointment.

During the appointment the specialist will monitor blood test and biochemistry results and review the patient’s medications.

Some Radiation Oncology patients are also starting to have treatment at the new RAH today, with 20 people already booked in to receive treatment in the first three weeks.

Radiation therapy will be available at both the old and new RAH over the next 3 weeks, so that patients will not have to change hospitals in the middle of their treatment course.