New Railway Lines Could Justify Fare Increases

New Railway Lines Could Justify Fare Increases

Queensland Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson

No Fare Relief For Public Transport Users

Victor P Taffa

Labor has once again whacked already hard-hit commuters by failing to deliver any public transport fare relief, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Transport Minister Scott Emerson said Labor has already punished commuters with fare rises of 20 % last year and 15 % this year, with further increases of 15 % each year for the next three years.

Under Labor fares keep going up, but the service doesn’t improve.” Mr. Emerson said.

“Despite Transport Minister Anastasia Palaszczuk telling parliament last month she had spoken to the Treasurer about re-introducing the scrapped monthly, six-monthly and 12-monthly tickets, the budget has only delivered more fare increases.”

“Labor keeps getting it wrong on public transport and this latest State Budget shows that another dud Minister is in charge.” Mr. Emerson said.

Mr. Emerson said the Transport Minister has already admitted she will review the bungled $26 Million train timetable upgrade she rolled out two weeks ago because of overcrowding and loss of services.

“Honest commuters who accidentally forget to touch off their go cards will also be hit by the Minister’s doubling of fines with no measures put in place to ensure those who accidentally forget to tag off have a chance to rectify the problem.” Mr. Emerson.

“These extra costs have gone into Labor’s escalating debt and budget black hole rather than improving our public transport services.”

“Labor’s $85 Billion debt means an interest bill for Queensland taxpayers of $5 Billion a year, which equates to about $100 Million a week and $595,000 an hour and still Queenslanders do not get an improved public transport service.”

“A CanDo Liberal National Party Government will encourage Queenslanders to use our public transport system and will invest in commuter infrastructure.” Mr. Emerson said.