New NT Training Commission Members Announced

New NT Training Commission Members Announced

Northern Territory Minister for Employment and Training Peter Styles

New NT Training Commission To Shape Future Of VET Sector

Victor P Taffa

The nine Territorians who will help shape the future of the Territory’s vocational education and training (VET) sector have been announced, with appointments to the newly-established NT Training Commission unveiled today.

The new Commission was established under the Training and Skills Development Act, which came into effect this month, and will:

  • Promote vocational education and training in the Northern Territory
  • Provide high level strategic advice to the Minister for the effective planning of vocational education and training in the Northern Territory
  • Produce a vocational education and training investment framework and an annual investment plan.

Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Employment and Training Peter Styles said the Commission had been established as one of the steps towards modernising the VET sector and ensuring Territorians are skilled to capitalise on opportunities and jobs.

Mr. Styles said the nomination process had seen a strong field of applicants.

“Now is the time to actively shape the direction of the Northern Territory’s VET sector, and this group of people is well-placed to represent the interests of industry and employers, and advise on this process.” Mr. Styles said.

“The collective experience held by this group will greatly enhance the level of perspective on what industry needs.”

Members will serve for up to three years, with four serving for two and five serving for three years to ensure continuity of business and corporate knowledge. The Commission members are:

Andrew Bruyn (Chair)

As General Manager of Channel Nine Darwin since 1991, Mr. Bruyn is a long-standing member of the business and media community. Mr. Bruyn is the current chair of the interim Northern Territory Employment and Training Authority (NTETA) Advisory Board and is the Northern Territory’s representative on the Australian Industry and Skills Committee.

Annette Gillanders (Deputy Chair)

Ms. Gillanders has thirty years’ experience in industry and in the vocational education and training sector, including training and lecturing, as well as previously running a registered training organisation. She is currently Program Director with BizNorth.

Peter Barclay

As Director of Barclay Builders, Peter is a long-standing businessman with four decades of experience in the housing and construction sector. He is currently a member of the NTETA Advisory Board.

Greg Bicknell

Mr. Bicknell is CEO of the NT Chamber of Commerce, and has overseen the employment, education and training advisory program within the Chamber for the past four years. He also has past involvement with the NT Employment and Training Authority.

Wayne Kraft

Mr. Kraft is a longstanding member of the hospitality sector and current member of the NTETA Advisory Board.

Neilia Ginnane 

Ms. Ginnane has extensive industry experience in areas including construction, safety, aviation, local government, hospitality, not-for-profit associations and vocational education and training. Ms. Ginnane is currently Executive Director of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) NT.

Pamela Jape

As Operations Director with Jape Group Australia and International, Ms. Jape has extensive business experience in the NT and overseas, including Timor Leste.

Stephen Schwer

Mr. Schwer has extensive background in tourism and hospitality, with strong VET experience and qualifications including experience in training organisations. Mr. Schwer is currently Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Central Australia.

Neil Hallagan

Mr. Hallagan is a Fellow of Engineers Australia with 40 years of director and senior management level experience in construction, mining and material supply industries in Australia and USA. He is currently CEO of the Civil Contractors Federation NT.

These people have been chosen for their ability to effectively represent industry more broadly across the Northern Territory, rather than to represent a particular sector.

The NT Training Commission members will take up their appointments in the coming weeks.