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Victoria Minister for Environment & Climate Change Ryan Smith

World First For Victorian Dairy Industry

Victor P Taffa

A unique cleaning system for Dairy Milking Equipment, which can achieve energy savings of nearly 75 % was unveiled at a Victorian dairy farm today.

Launching the Green Cleaning system, the Victorian Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith said the new system had enormous potential for the Dairy Industry in Australia and internationally.

Green Cleaning operates at low temperatures, uses renewable energy for heating and reuses cleaning chemicals.

“The combination of these three factors makes the system unique and a world first.” Mr. Smith said.

“Farmers can make substantial savings on power bills and their use of water and chemicals as well as reducing their individual greenhouse gas emissions by around 37 tonnes per year.”

The Green Cleaning for Dairies is a multi-partner project which was developed with a grant of $467,691 from the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Fund.

The new system has adopted a completely new approach to cleaning dairy milking equipment and utilises the waste heat that is generated from the milk itself to heat the rinse water.

The Project Managers, AgVet Projects, developed a prototype and then invited industry partners to develop commercial models of the system. This resulted in three commercial systems created by GEA Farm Technologies, Milka-Ware and DairyMaster which are now available for farmers to purchase.

Today’s launch was held at Jinaldie Farms, a working dairy with more than 300 dairy cows at Jindivick near Warragul.

Property owner Steve Ronalds installed a Green Cleaning system four months ago and says he has achieved energy savings of up to 75 % when compared to previous cleaning methods.

“With rising power costs over the last few years, we did our homework and decided that this new Green Cleaning system will save us money.” Mr. Ronalds said.

“The system also allows us to save water as we don’t have a large amount of potable water available for cleaning.”


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