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Victoria Attorney-General Robert Clark

New Chairperson And Members For The Victorian Law Reform Commission

Victor P Taffa

Attorney-General Robert Clark today announced three new appointments to the Victorian Law Reform Commission, including former Supreme Court judge Philip Cummins QC as the new Chairperson.

Mr. Cummins will be joined by former Supreme Court judge Frank Vincent QC and Dr. Ian Hardingham QC.

Mr. Clark said the three appointees bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience of the legal system.

“Mr. Cummins’ wide judicial experience and strong leadership qualities will help ensure the VLRC continues to provide valuable reports and recommendations on law reform matters to the Government and the community.” Mr. Clark said.


“Mr. Cummins will join the commission on 17 July and take on the role of Chairperson from 1 September, following a handover period with the current acting Chair, David Jones AM.

“The appointment of Mr. Vincent, who served 16 years as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria followed by a further eight years as a Judge of Appeal, will further add to the Commission’s capacity to contribute to improving Victoria’s legal system.”

Mr. Clark said Dr. Ian Hardingham QC had been appointed to the Commission to undertake the review of Victoria’s succession laws announced earlier this year, which will examine a wide range of issues relating to wills, estate administration and inheritance.

“Dr. Hardingham has great expertise in the law relating to wills and estates, as well as equity law more generally, making him an ideal person to lead this review.” Mr. Clark said.

Mr. Clark thanked Mr. Jones AM for his leadership of the Commission while acting as Chairperson since 1 March 2012.

“David Jones has provided sound and capable leadership as Chairperson and will continue to make an important contribution in his ongoing role as a member.” Mr. Clark said.

In addition to the VLRC’s current reference on succession laws, it is expected that a further reference will given to the VLRC after consultation with the incoming Chairperson.


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