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South Australia State Election 20 March 2010

Victor P Taffa

Following the return of the writs for the South Australia State Election held on 20 March 2010 the makeup of the new Parliament is as follows:

House of Assembly

Seats Held

Labor                                                               26        -2

Liberal                                                             18        +4

Independent                                                    3          -1

Total Seats                                                47

The Liberal Party gained the seats of Adelaide, Chaffey, Morialta and Norwood.

The Labor Party gained the seat of Mitchell at the expense of an Independent. Overall Labor lost 2 seats. 24 seats are required for a party to form a majority in the House.

Legislative Council

Seats Held

Labor                                                               8          Unchanged

Liberal                                                             7          -1

Greens                                                             2          +1

Independent                                                    2          -1

Dignity for Disability                                      1          +1

Family First                                                     2          Unchanged

Total Seats                                                22

11 seats were to be decided by the electorate and 2 Liberal Members retired going into the election. Labor representation remained unchanged as did Family First. The Liberal Party lost 1 seat and the Greens gained 1 seat. Dignity for Disability also gained a seat.

The position of the Rann Government has been weakened and Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond is well placed to continue to hold the Government to account and maintain maximum pressure on Ministers ahead of the 2014 State election.


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