New Lily Street Allawah Road Overpass Opened For Traffic And Pedestrians

New Lily Street Allawah Road Overpass Opened For Traffic And Pedestrians

New South Wales Member for Oatley Mark Coure

New Bridge At Allawah Open For Business

Victor P Taffa

Member for Oatley Mark Coure welcomed a newly-expanded overbridge at Lily Street, Allawah, heralding better local traffic flow, pedestrian safety and access to local businesses.

This project is the result of a $16.5 Million investment from Sydney Trains and Roads and Maritime Services with construction commencing in August 2015. The first traffic crossed the overbridge on 29 November 2016.

“This is a great result for the local community and businesses in the area.” Mr. Coure said.

“Allawah has long been central to the vibrant community of south-western Sydney and this new overbridge will increase traffic flow to the area and local businesses.”

“The previous overbridge had reached the end of its serviceable life and needed to be replaced with a new one in order to address congestion issues and improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.”

“The community overwhelmingly called for increasing the capacity of the overbridge, especially during the morning and afternoon peak times.” Mr. Coure said.

“The New South Wales Government, Sydney Trains and Roads and Maritime Services have listened and delivered to the Allawah community.”

“I want to congratulate Sydney Trains for undertaking the work and completing this vital project on time for the community.” Mr. Coure said.

New Lily Street overbridge sees traffic lanes increased from two to four, the installation of traffic barriers, approach slabs, pedestrian ramps and wider footpaths.

Pedestrian footpath on the western side of the bridge will be completed in the coming weeks with installation of the anti-throw protection screens to be completed in January 2017.

In an inspection of the new road overpass, Editor Victor P Taffa is pleased to see the new bridge open to traffic and pedestrians. When the additional footpath is completed a further inspection will be made.

Northern Line Extension for Berowra-Hurstville and Berowra-Bankstown Heavy Rail services










King Georges Road Overpasses

In traveling to inspect the Lily Street Allawah Overpass that spans the 4 Track Illawarra Railway Line Editor Victor P Taffa has noticed on many occasions that the footpath across King Georges Road Overpasses at Wiley Park Railway Station on the Bankstown Railway Line and at Beverly Hills on the East Hills Railway Line are of different widths with different railway station entrances from the footpath on the two road overpasses.


King Georges Road Overpass At Wiley Park Railway Station

Outside Wiley Park Railway Station King Georges Road has a wider footpath and no unsightly yet necessary concrete barrier due to the alignment of the road.


King Georges Road Overpass At Beverly Hills Railway Station

Outside Beverly Hills Railway Station King Georges Road has an unsightly yet necessary concrete barrier as King Georges Road at Beverly Hills has a different alignment and slope to that at Wiley Park.

When the single lift shaft was installed it could have been set back further from the road overpass that would have provided for a wider footpath and a better designed safety barrier.

In plans for as contained in Editor Victor P Taffa’s website are a Northern Line Extension that extends the Northern Line from Strathfield to Hurstville.

Northern Line Extension enables new rail services to operate from Berowra to Hurstville with Sets of Points onto the Illawarra Line.

Northern Line Extension would see two new dual level interchange railway stations. These being:

  • Belmore East on the Bankstown Line,
  • Beverly Hills on the East Hills Line.

When the Northern Line Extension is built, the lift shaft at Beverly Hills should be repositioned further down the Platform with a wider footpath and better designed entrance from King Georges Road Overpass into the Railway Station.

Beverly Hills Railway Station does require an improved concourse and when Transport has a budget equal to that of Health and Education these sorts of planning measures can be paid for.


Road Overpass At Meadowbank Railway Station

Current road overpass at Meadowbank Railway Station on the Northern Railway Line was built to replace the Constitution Road Railway Level Crossing at the northern end of the railway station many decades ago.

However over the years the footpath was taken off the overpass as traffic volumes increased and a bailey bridge installed for the footpath.

Approaches to the overpass on the western side of the railway line has no footpath or adequate crossing on the busy two lane approach road.

Approaches to the overpass on the eastern side of the railway line are at grade level with the overpass however there are no adequate footpath crossings at the squared off intersection with Railway Road.

This overpass needs to be replaced or at the very least widened and aligned with nearby Underdale Lane where new blocks of Home Units have replaced factories.

In keeping with policy following the Granville Rail Disaster on 18 January 1977 a new overpass needs to be single span.

New road overpass at Meadowbank Railway Station requires footpaths on either side of a 4 lane divided overpass with traffic lights on both sides of the overpass that will enable traffic to flow more smoothly during morning and afternoon peak hours.

4 lanes will enable traffic to turn right and left thus improving traffic flow for other traffic turning left.

Western side approach needs to be redesigned with a footpath and a squared off intersection.

Western side embankment needs to be redesigned that takes up less room while maintaining a noise amelioration wall and landscaping.


Bridge Naming

Current road overpass at Meadowbank Railway Station requires to be named as either

  • Railway Road Overpass,
  • Bank Street Overpass,
  • Constitution Road Overpass.


Bridge Costings

  • New road overpass in Chatswood across the North Shore Line cost $10 Million.
  • New road overpass in Allawah across the Illawarra Line cost $16.5 Million.

Cost of a new road overpass in Meadowbank across the Northern Line would be $10 Million.

Water pipe as part of the new Lily Street Allawah overpass may have been the reason for cost variation.

At West Ryde the Northern Line requires 4 operating Tracks and Platforms and the Railway Overpass also carries a water pipe which will not affect the laying of new Tracks or construction of a new Platform.