New Keno Licence Includes Right To Offer Approved Simulated Racing Games

New Keno Licence Includes Right To Offer Approved Simulated Racing Games

Victoria Minister for Gaming Michael O’Brien

Keno Licence Awarded

Victor P Taffa

The Minister for Gaming Michael O’Brien today announced his intention to award Victoria’s first ever stand-alone keno licence to Tabcorp Investments No.5 Pty Ltd.

The new 10-year licence, which is part of the ongoing restructure of Victoria’s gambling industry will commence in April 2012. From that date, Tabcorp Investments No.5 Pty Ltd will be authorised to conduct and distribute keno games in eligible hotels, clubs and wagering outlets across the state.

The New Keno Licence also includes the right to offer approved Simulated Racing Games.

“The Government will work closely with Tabcorp Investments No.5 Pty Ltd and the industry to ensure a smooth transition in 2012.” Mr. O’Brien said.

The licence arrangements mean Victoria will be in line with other Australian jurisdictions, including NSW and Queensland, which have a single keno operator.

Currently there is no licence to conduct keno in Victoria; instead an authorisation to operate Club Keno is allocated to the gaming operators, Tatts Group and Tabcorp Holdings Limited.

Club Keno is currently offered in approximately 300 hotels and clubs in Victoria that are approved gaming venues.

Tabcorp Investments No.5 Pty Ltd was required to show it has a business approach consistent with the State’s responsible gambling principles, and was chosen following careful assessment and rigorous probity checks.

“I have received the report of the Independent Review Panel which stated there are no impediments to making this decision.” Mr. O’Brien said.

The new licensee and its agents will be required to comply with the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct which will be monitored and enforced by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation.

The ongoing Gambling Licences Review project is subject to two levels of probity, with both an independent Probity Auditor and the Independent Review Panel continuing to provide oversight and ensure transparency of the licensing process.