New Karratha Courthouse Opens For Hearings

New Karratha Courthouse Opens For Hearings

Western Australia Attorney General John Quigley

New Karratha Courthouse Additions Equal A Boost To Justice Services

Victor P Taffa

  • Pilbara court users to benefit from new facilities

Access to justice in the Pilbara has improved with the opening of a purpose-built addition to the Karratha Courthouse.

New courthouse includes components from the former temporary Kununurra Court, which was used in Kununurra while the permanent court was being built there.

When the permanent Kununurra Court was opened in 2014, much of the temporary court was transported by road to Karratha and has since been integrated into the Karratha complex.

“I am pleased to see Pilbara court users will now have a newer, more up-to-date court facility.” Attorney General John Quigley said.

“Kununurra temporary court was built in 2012 as a purpose-built, stand-alone court facility, so it will certainly be an asset in Karratha.”

Now in operation is a second courtroom, allowing Karratha to hold both jury and magistrates court hearings for the first time.

One of the most important new features in the addition is a facility for victims of crime and child witnesses.

This facility has a remote audio-visual link, meaning victims and witnesses do not have to be in the main courtroom to give their evidence.

It also features more up-to-date in-court technology.

Victims’ area has its own secure entry, separate from the main court building.