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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Liberals Announce $35 Million Barossa Hospital Plan

Victor P Taffa

South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond today announced the State Liberals’ plan to build a $35 Million hospital to service the Barossa Valley and surrounding districts.

“The two existing hospitals in the Barossa region the Angaston and Tanunda Hospitals are outdated and the facilities are no longer up to standard.” Ms. Redmond said today.

“In fact, the Angaston Hospital was built in 1910 and hasn’t received much attention since then.”

“The State Liberals identified this issue almost a decade ago, and it was taken to the State Election in 2002.”

“The condition of the two existing hospitals has forced the region’s residents to metropolitan hospitals, which has put extra pressure on the already overloaded facilities.” Ms. Redmond said.

“The Rann Government opted to sit on their hands, until they finally submitted to pressure by the community and State Liberals in November 2008, and conducted a business case on the issue.”


“The proposed site, on Magnolia Road, Tanunda, adjoins the existing Barossa Recreation Centre and is the Barossa Council’s preferred site.”

“Under a Redmond Liberal Government, the proposed Barossa Hospital and Recreation Centre would form a Barossa Region Health precinct.”

“The State Liberals will commit to building the Barossa Hospital at a cost of $35 Million.”

The State Liberals will provide the following:

  • A 55 bed hospital with emergency department, three operating theatres, and maternity;
  • The hospital will be built on land provided by the local council and will replace both Angaston and Tanunda Hospitals;
  • The Angaston Hospital would be demolished and the Tanunda Hospital would be transformed into an aged-care facility;

The Barossa and Districts Health Advisory Council, which reports directly to Health Minister John Hill, were scathing of the current facilities in the 2008-09 Annual Report. It stated:

“The current facilities [in the Barossa Valley] lack the flexibility to meet current and future service demands.”

“The current hospitals in Angaston and Tanunda are not up to today’s health facility standards and this is supported by the Mr. Rann’s own Advisory Council.” Dr. McFetridge said.

“The Rann Government has neglected SA’s regions for too long now. Only a Redmond Liberal Government will make sure this important project goes ahead.” Ms. Redmond said.

Furthermore, the Barossa and Districts Health Advisory Council listed the following service delivery and facility condition issues:

  • There is no capacity to maintain, at a minimum, existing levels of care for the growing local community and broader district;
  • Operating across three sites impedes the ability to deliver patient-centred models of care;
  • There is no capacity to expand elective surgery, acute care, primary health care and community based services to meet future needs;
  • The existing facilities are in average to poor condition and do not meet current health care quality, safety and security standards, which impacts on the operational efficiency of the Health Service;
  • Access and egress across the three service sites is problematic;
  • There is poor service connectivity across the three sites, resulting in duplication of facilities and support services;
  • Organisational dislocation and staffing inefficiencies exist across the three sites;
  • ICT connectivity across the three sites is poor;
  • Significant sustainment expenditure is required for asset refurbishment, with an expected extension of life of less than fifteen years.

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