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Victoria Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith

Coalition Government Adds To Fire Fighting Arsenal

Victor P Taffa

Fire fighting capacity in the State’s north east will be significantly boosted with a new $200,000 Victorian Government funded fire boat to be located at Lake Dartmouth.

The boat, will be based at the Department of Sustainability and Environment’s (DSE) Mitta Mitta work centre and will be mainly used for fire suppression, as well as transporting fire fighters and equipment to remote areas at lakes Dartmouth and Hume and other inland waters.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith and Member for Benambra Bill Tilley said the boat, complete with a high volume fire fighting water cannon, would greatly improve DSE’s emergency response capability over the summer months.

“With the capacity to be moved across the state, the boat will also be used for compliance operations and to assist in the response to other emergency situations, including floods and search and rescue operations.” Mr. Smith said.

“The new fire boat will also be available for use on other inland waterways and lakes throughout the north east, or elsewhere in Victoria, if required.” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Tilley said the boat would complement the region’s fire fighting capability and would help support a range of emergency services activities.

“The boat comes complete with all marine safety requirements, such as an emergency beacon, GPS, lighting for night time operations, and fire fighting equipment.” Mr. Tilley said.

“The fire fighting pump has the capacity to deliver a high volume of water either by hoses or water-cannon, while its pump suction has been fitted into the bottom of the hull, eliminating the need for hoses which would normally be placed over the side.” Mr. Tilley said.

With an engine capacity of 185 horsepower, the boat can transport up to six personnel.

Mr. Smith said Victoria’s emergency services were well prepared for the summer fire season.

“Victoria is a fire prone environment; fires occur every year and are a part of the natural landscape.” Mr. Smith said.

“The expectation of warmer and drier conditions over the coming months will present ideal growing conditions for grass across the state, including the north east.”

“This will be the main contributor to fire hazards this summer, and along with fire agencies, it’s important that communities and households are well prepared.” Mr. Smith said.


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