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Northern Territory Shadow Attorney General John Elferink

Government’s WorkSafe Laws Strangling Territory Businesses

Victor P Taffa

Territory businesses may have to shut their doors because of the Government’s rushed workplace safety laws introduced on January 1st this year.

Businesses involved in the removal of asbestos around the Territory, such as construction and building companies, say they’re struggling with the Government’s new licensing requirements for work place safety.

“The Country Liberals opposed Delia Lawrie’s complex changes to NT WorkSafe last year because we knew it would hurt local businesses, now it seems we were right.” Shadow Attorney General, John Elferink said.

“Prior to January 1st 2012 businesses with asbestos removal licenses, or any of their workers who held asbestos removal licenses, were qualified under workplace legislation to supervise asbestos removals.”

“However, under the Government’s new laws a person can only supervise asbestos removal if they’ve had their license for 3 years in the case of Class A removals and 1 year for Class B removals.” Mr. Elferink said.

“What this means is that businesses and their employees are finding that they cannot supervise their own removal jobs in spite of their converted licenses.”

“That means they can’t operate their businesses.” Mr. Elferink said.

“Employers that hold these concerns have contacted the Government for clarification on how they can legally operate their businesses however their questions seem to have fallen upon deaf ears.”

“So once again we have a Government ignoring concerns of local businesses, who they have basically strangled with their bureaucratic red tape.” Mr. Elferink said.


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