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Victoria Minister for Ports Denis Napthine

Victoria Minister for Roads Terry Mulder

Coalition Welcomes New Freight Advisory Council

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Ports Denis Napthine and Minister for Roads Terry Mulder have announced the establishment of a new Ministerial Freight Advisory Council (MFAC).

Minister for Ports Denis Napthine said the MFAC, which is made up of industry leaders, will provide an important link between Government and industry.

“This development is great news and will provide opportunities for Government to work closely with industry on initiatives for improving the efficiency and productivity of Victoria’s freight and logistics sector.” Dr. Napthine said.

“We are facing many challenges in Victoria with the rate of growth in freight that is surpassing population and economic growth. Being able to tap into existing industry expertise will help us shape future plans, such as the Victorian Freight and Logistics Plan, to deliver the infrastructure we need to handle this growth.”

“The MFAC will assist the Victorian Coalition Government as it tackles the challenges of increasing port capacity with the $1.2 Billion development being undertaken by the Port of Melbourne Corporation including a new container terminal at Webb Dock and the development of Hastings as a new container port.” Dr. Napthine said.

The MFAC is being established to replace the existing Victorian Freight and Logistics Council (VFLC) and will provide advice directly to Government.

The Council will be chaired by the current VFLC Chairman, John Begley, which will enable a smooth transition to the new MFAC. The membership of the MFAC will be drawn from leading companies in the freight and ports sectors along with industry member organisations including Victorian Transport Association, Victorian Farmers Federation, Shipping Australia Limited and the Municipal Association of Victoria.

Mr. Mulder said the membership of the Council provides a wealth of knowledge for government to draw upon and will be a valuable asset to assist the Government in planning for the states long term freight needs.

“The role of the MFAC is to inform Government of trends, issues and innovations within the freight and logistics sector.” Mr. Mulder said.

“This is an important role and provides Government with a mechanism for communicating with industry and addressing issues. We will also look to MFAC for the expert advice it can offer across a range of businesses within the freight and logistics sector.”


VIC Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

VIC Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder










The Council will be tasked with engaging a broad range of industry members on issues regarding Government policies and proposals and working closely with the Government to incorporate this into its decision making.

The Council will be officially established on 1 July 2012. It will be administered from the Department of Transport with direct liaison responsibilities to the Office of the Minister for Ports, and Minister for Roads.

The membership of the MFAC will be announced prior to its commencement.


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