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Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade Tim Nicholls

Queensland Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing Steve Dickson

LNP Getting Racing Back On Track

Victor P Taffa

The LNP Government has moved swiftly to reassure Queensland’s racing industry that it will help restore confidence and accountability to the three racing codes and ensure the industry has a bright future under the LNP.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls and Racing Minister Steve Dickson said the LNP is committed to supporting the many thousands of people involved in the industry by announcing a range of measures in its first two weeks to get the industry back on track.

“The LNP has already begun its reform of the industry to restore faith in our racing bodies and provide the racing community with a stronger say in the industry’s administration and future.” Mr. Nicholls said.

Mr. Nicholls welcomed Steve Dickson’s appointment as Racing Minister and said he will provide excellent leadership to the industry which has suffered from neglect by long term Labor governments who washed their hands of racing.

Mr. Dickson said the LNP has already taken a number of actions to restore accountability and confidence, which include:

• Directing the Auditor General to undertake an immediate audit of Racing Queensland Ltd following substantial payouts to four senior staff members
• Writing to Racing Queensland inviting them to amend the terms of the control body licence
• Ordering the Chief Executive of the Department to investigate if Racing Queensland is a ‘fit and proper’ control body
• Writing to remind Directors of Racing Queensland of their obligations as Directors and of the powers of the CMC to investigate Racing Queensland as a “unit of public administration”
• Implementing an expenditure cap at $20,000. Higher amounts require sign off from the government.
• The Treasurer and Minister for Racing commencing work on establishing a Ministerial Advisory Council
• The Treasurer and Minister for Racing instructing the Department to commence preparation of changes to legislation which reflect the LNP’s policy for three control boards
• The Treasurer and Minister for Racing commencing work to ensure $1 million dedicated to country racing is made available for Country Racing Authorities for the financial year commencing 1 July 2012.

QLD Minister for Steve Dickson

QLD Minister for Sport & Racing Steve Dickson








“These actions have all been undertaken in our first 14 days and demonstrate just how committed the LNP is to implementing our policies as quickly as possible.”

“We want our racing industry to get back on track and assure all those involved in the industry that they have a bright future.” Mr. Dickson said.



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