New Adelaide Trains To Have A Top Speed Of 110Km/h

New Adelaide Trains To Have A Top Speed Of 110Km/h

South Australia Minister for Transport Patrick Conlon

State Of Art Trains On Their Way To Adelaide

Victor P Taffa

Adelaide residents can look forward to smooth and speedier train rides after the selection of a Preferred partner and vehicles that will make up the city’s brand new electric train fleet.

Transport Minister Patrick Conlon said final negotiations were underway with Bombardier Transportation Australia to provide 66 new Electric Railcars for the Adelaide Network.

“This is a key component of the State Government’s $2.6 Billion investment in the city’s public transport, an investment that is progressively transforming it into a state-of-the-art system.” Mr. Conlon said.

“We are reaching the end of a worldwide search for the best possible new rolling stock and we are confident we have identified a supplier and a vehicle of the highest order.”

“Our Electrified Rail Network, serviced by these fast, efficient, reliable and modern trains will be the envy of cities around Australia and indeed the world.”

“These new Electric Trains will be quieter, cheaper to operate, require less maintenance and offer improved reliability over our existing diesel fleet.” Mr. Conlon said.

The new trains will have a top speed of 110 km/h with faster acceleration and deceleration and Performance that leads to significant power savings.

They will feature an array of on-board technology including Smartcard ticketing capability and CCTV while also being fully disability accessible.

They will also be designed to meet Adelaide’s extreme heat demands both in operation and in Customer air-conditioning.

Adelaide’s new fleet of trains is expected to begin arriving in 2012 and enter passenger service the following year after testing on the new $291 Seaford Rail Extension.

It’s complemented by a $37 Million Program to refurbish 70 3100/3000 class railcars, 54 of which will also be converted from diesel to electric operation from 2013-15.

The Rann Government’s unprecedented investment in public transport has now delivered:

  • 60 Additional Buses,
  • Six new Trams,
  • Extensions of the Light Rail Network,
  • And begun the process to Upgrade and Electrify the Suburban Rail Network.

During the 27 November 2010 Victoria State Election Campaign the Baillieu/Ryan/Mulder Opposition announced that if elected to office the purchase of 40 new Six-Carriage Suburban Trains in addition to a raft of responsible and costed Public Transport Policies.