Net Exports Of Energy Up By 10 % In 2015-16

Net Exports Of Energy Up By 10 % In 2015-16

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Increased Energy Use And Increased Energy Efficiency

Victor P Taffa

Australian energy use increased in 2015-16, but also became more efficient according to the latest edition of the annual Energy Account released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Total net energy use increased by 5 % in 2015-16, according to ABS Environment and Agriculture spokesperson Lauren Binns, with net exports of energy increasing by 10 % (to account for 75 % of net energy use).

Australian industry and households both reported small 1 % increases in net energy use over the period.

“However, although Australian industry used more energy overall in 2015-16, it made more from it, requiring 2 % less energy for each million dollars of economic output between 2014-15 and 2015-16.” Ms. Binns said.

There was a similar pattern at the household level.

“On average, each Australian household used 141 gigajoules of energy in 2015-16. That’s a 1 % decrease from 2014-15 and a nearly 6 % decrease over the decade since 2005-06.” Ms. Binns said.